Frederick County Failure to Appear Lawyer

Not showing up to court for a scheduled date could result in a bench warrant being issued. In fact, even if a judge would not necessarily have sentenced someone to incarceration, they could be arrested and sit in jail for a lengthy period of time for failing to appear in court. A Frederick County failure to appear lawyer could provide crucial legal assistance by helping you fight these charges.

If a legitimate reason exists that rendered you unable to appear for a scheduled court date such as a family emergency or serious illness, a lawyer could file a motion with the court to have the bench warrant quashed. A committed criminal defense attorney could also work to resolve the situation and obtain an optimal outcome for you.

Required Court Appearances in Frederick County

A person could be required to appear in court for numerous reasons in Frederick County. Many types of traffic offenses, such as exceeding the speed limit when driving, require a court appearance in order to challenge the offense.

A person must also appear in court in response to a summons for jury duty. Some individuals incorrectly assume it does not matter if they show up for jury duty when summoned. However, reporting for jury duty when summoned is not optional but is a civic duty, and there are consequences for failing to appear when required to do so.

Other situations that generally require a court appearance in Frederick County include arraignment hearings, preliminary hearings, and motion hearings. A seasoned Frederick County failure to appear attorney could provide additional examples of instances in which a court appearance is required and explain what to do if a person fails to appear.

Penalties for Failing to Appear

The consequences and penalties for failing to appear for a scheduled court date in Frederick County could include the issuance of a bench warrant by a judge, arrest, fines, and even possible incarceration. A failure to appear lawyer in Frederick County could explain the potential penalties that could be imposed for missing different types of court appearances.

If a valid legal reason exists for having missed a required court appearance, a lawyer could present that information to the court and work to minimize any potential consequences or penalties.

Contact a Frederick County Failure to Appear Attorney

If you recently missed a court date for any reason, do not ignore the situation hoping it will go away. A bench warrant might even have been issued for failing to appear, potentially resulting in your arrest and being fined or imprisoned. A Frederick County failure to appear lawyer could find out if a bench warrant has been issued and fight to have it dismissed.

Perhaps you are unsure of what to do or who to contact if you have missed a required court appearance. An attorney could provide critical legal assistance so you do not have to try figuring out how to resolve a missed court date on your own. Call today to learn more about your situation and to protect your rights.