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Frederick Solicitation Lawyer

Solicitation is defined as attempting to engage someone in prostitution or sexual acts in exchange for some form of compensation. Solicitation is an inchoate offense, meaning that it criminalizes taking steps toward the commission of a separate illegal act. In this case, prostitution.

You are strongly encouraged to contact a Frederick solicitation lawyer if you are facing charges for solicitation. A criminal defense lawyer could challenge the state’s evidence against you and fight for the most beneficial outcome possible in your case. With the right help, you may be able to negotiate a favorable plea agreement or avoid a conviction altogether.

Defenses to Solicitation

Individuals accused of solicitation in Maryland have many defenses at their disposal to prevent the state from achieving a conviction. Some frequently successful defense arguments against solicitation or assignation charges include:

No Criminal Intent

A defendant facing a charge of solicitation may argue that they had no actual intent to engage in a sexual act for money. Similarly, they could argue that they were unaware money was being offered in exchange for the sexual act(s). A lack of criminal intent can be demonstrated through witness testimony and surveillance footage.

No Quid Pro Agreement

Prostitution, as it is defined in Maryland, is essentially a quid pro quo agreement in which there is an explicit understanding that money will be paid for a sexual encounter. Someone accused of solicitation can thus argue that no such agreement ever actually occurred.

Subsequent Abandonment

One can potentially defeat a charge of solicitation by demonstrating they recanted their intent to engage in a further crime, and then communicated this change of intent to the other party.

Charges Related to Solicitation

In Maryland, one might face multiple separate criminal charges related to solicitation depending on the factual circumstances. Maryland statute makes it illegal to:

  • Engage in prostitution by either giving or receiving money for sex
  • Allow someone to enter a building for the purpose of engaging in prostitution
  • Own or operate a building that is known to be used for prostitution
  • Allow a building under one’s control to be used for prostitution

No matter which of these charges are leveled, prosecutors bear the burden of proving they broke the law beyond a reasonable doubt. Hiring a Frederick County solicitation attorney may drastically improve one’s chances of escaping conviction and avoiding the embarrassment and damage to reputation that a conviction may carry.

Schedule a Consultation with a Frederick Solicitation Attorney Today

Being charged with the crime of solicitation can be frightening. Although just a misdemeanor, it can potentially lead to jail time with a monetary fine and a mark on your criminal record. It may be in your best interest to consult a Frederick solicitation lawyer if you have received solicitation charges.

A skilled criminal defense attorney might help you avoid or minimize the effect of a solicitation conviction on your life. Call today to discuss your case with an attorney.