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Frederick County Conspiracy Lawyer

A person could be indicted for planning to commit a crime, potentially even facing jail time, even if the crime is never actually committed. When plans are made by at least two people to commit a specific crime, the law considers that to be conspiracy. If you are facing conspiracy charges, let a Frederick County conspiracy lawyer provide you with critical legal representation.

Conspiring to commit a crime can be punished as severely as committing the actual crime, even if action is never taken. This is just one reason why it is so crucial to get assistance from a qualified criminal defense attorney who has experience handling conspiracy offenses. They could protect your legal rights from the beginning of an investigation all the way to the end of trial.

Laws on Conspiracy Offenses in Frederick County

Conspiracy is an inchoate offense involving two or more individuals colluding together to commit a specific crime. The crime does not have to be carried out or even attempted for conspiring individuals to be charged with conspiracy. The act of forming an agreement to commit a specific criminal offense is sufficient to warrant a criminal conspiracy charge.

Indictments for conspiracy offenses in Frederick County generally identify the name of the accused individual, the names of any co-conspirators, the date of the conspiracy, the county in which the conspiracy occurred, and the specific crime the named individuals were conspiring to carry out (sometimes known as the target offense). Common examples of crimes individuals might conspire to carry out in Frederick County include theft, fraud, embezzlement, drug trafficking, or even murder. A Frederick conspiracy attorney could explain additional aspects of Maryland laws regarding conspiracy offenses.

Penalties for Conspiracy Offenses in Frederick County

Conspiracy offenses committed in Frederick County can be penalized similarly to the actual crime the conspirators were planning to commit. In Maryland, convictions for conspiracy can be punished with sentences up to the maximum penalty associated with the target offense.

An individual convicted of conspiring to embezzle money belonging to clients of the company where the conspirators are employed could face the same penalty as the actual offense of embezzlement, even if no money was actually taken. The penalty for embezzlement is a prison term between one and five years. Therefore, a penalty of one to five years in prison could also be imposed for conspiring to embezzle money. A conspiracy lawyer in Frederick County could explain the penalties associated with other conspiracy offenses.

Contact a Frederick County Conspiracy Attorney for Assistance

Trying to fight a conspiracy charge on your own is a truly daunting task, especially if an alleged co-conspirator has agreed to testify against you. A Frederick County conspiracy lawyer could provide crucial legal representation that includes preparing a strategy to defend you against the charges, protecting your rights, and fighting for the best possible resolution.

You do not have to fight conspiracy charges alone. Contact a Frederick County conspiracy attorney immediately to schedule a consultation and begin working on your case.