Frederick Embezzlement Lawyer

The crime of embezzlement is about the abuse of trust when an employee or trusted entity uses their position to take money, goods, or other assets from their employer fraudulently. This misappropriation could involve anything from stealing money out of a cash register or transferring company assets into one’s name.

No matter the basis for the charge, a skilled fraud attorney could help represent you while facing embezzlement charges. The penalties for this type of crime are usually significant, but a Frederick embezzlement lawyer may be able to prevent a conviction in the first place.

Embezzlement vs. Theft

Understanding the difference between embezzlement and theft is important for anyone facing either criminal charge. While these charges have many similarities, the approach an embezzlement attorney in Frederick might take in defending either charge will differ dramatically.

The major difference between two charges is that embezzlement requires that the accused was in a position of trust allowing them to steal while theft could be taking anything in any context from anyone. Fraudulently stealing by relying on a trusted relationship is embezzlement, while theft involves a taking without the use of a trusted relationship.

Evidence in an Embezzlement Trial

While many criminal trials use eyewitness accounts or video surveillance, embezzlement charges largely revolve around documentation and records. Exact evidence will vary by case, but bank records, company financial books, and cash register receipts are often used as key evidence.

While paper documentation plays a large role in these cases, other types of evidence could also come into play. Video evidence could potentially capture the defendant in action, while witnesses could testify to an admission the defendant might have made to them. A theft from a position of trust attorney could carefully review a Frederick case to identify the best evidence for building a strong defense.

Common Defenses in an Embezzlement Case

While it can be difficult, it is possible to defeat an embezzlement charge. Some common defenses used at trial include:


Although law enforcement is entitled to trick a defendant into incriminating themselves, they are not allowed to coerce a defendant into committing a crime. If a Frederick embezzlement lawyer can show police entrapped their client, an acquittal may result.

Lack of Evidence

The most basic defense involves holding the prosecution to their burden of proof. Even if a defendant has committed the crime, the jury must acquit if the state is unable to come up with convincing evidence that the defendant embezzled, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Violation of Constitutional Rights

Law enforcement must act in accordance with an individual’s rights as laid out in the constitution. While police are tasked with recovering evidence necessary to convict a defendant, the way they obtain that evidence is important. If law enforcement violated a defendant’s rights while searching their property in Frederick, the embezzlement attorney could move to have any evidence collected excluded.

Discuss your Options with a Frederick Embezzlement Lawyer

If you are facing embezzlement charges in Frederick, it is crucial to discuss your options with skilled legal professionals right away. A criminal defense attorney could review the charges against you and advise you on the best path forward. While fighting embezzlement charges is never easy, a Frederick embezzlement lawyer could make the process as smooth while protecting your rights. Call right away to schedule a consultation for your case.