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Hit and run is a colloquial phrasing of a variety of charges. In Maryland, there is no such charge specifically labeled as “hit and run.” However, there are a multitude of charges that can result from a hit and run scenario. There is the traditional accident where someone leaves the scene of an accident where there is injury or loss. There are two varieties. One involves bodily injury and the other is strictly property damage, such as when a person may hit a parked car.

There is also a charge consisting of an individual’s failure to remain at an accident scene. You may stop, get out of your car, talk to the other driver, and perhaps even exchange information. However, if you fail to call the police, or call the police but fail to stay until they arrive, you could receive citations and charges that carry possible jail sentences. There are a range of charges that could result depending on the circumstances of a hit and run situation.

If you have been charged with a hit and run in Baltimore, it is crucial to contact an experienced Baltimore criminal attorney immediately to ensure you take the appropriate legal steps with a strong defense on your side.

Elements of the Crime

The most basic element is an incident that involves a vehicle striking another vehicle, person, object, or animal. When there is an accident, your obligation is to notify police, wait until the police arrive, and provide information. If you fail to do any of these, you can be criminally charged.

How a Lawyer Can Help

When dealing with a hit and run scenario, unlike a DUI or drug possession, there is usually a victim. One of the biggest concerns of prosecutors and judges pertains to the victim. Did they lose personal items or incur property damage? An attorney can be a spokesperson and an intermediary to speak with prosecutors and victims. The person facing the charges should not speak to prosecutors.

In addition to defending against the charges and appearing in court, working with victims and making sure everything is done to ensure they have been taken care of may go a long way in helping obtain a more favorable result.

Penalties if Convicted

Depending on the variety of the offense, an individual can face upwards of 60 days incarceration or more. An individual could also be convicted of multiple offenses arising from a single accident. Each sentence could run consecutively and result in months to years of incarceration.

The maximum penalty generally runs in the area of a max of 60 days incarceration, although some traffic offenses carry the potential of a year incarceration. Other things like a DUI or suspended license can enhance the charges.

Other Criminal Charges a Person Might Face

Typically speaking, unless the hit and run involved other criminal activity (i.e. fleeing from police), there generally are no other criminal charges. However, an individual could receive a multitude of traffic infractions, such as reckless driving, negligent driving, or failure to control speed to avoid an accident. There are many different charges and other citations that could lead to points assessed on someone’s driving record and even suspension and loss of driving privileges that result from a hit and run accident.

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