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Being a college student should be an exciting time in your life. Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong, and students can find themselves facing disciplinary action from their school for alleged misconduct. If you have been accused of wrongdoing by your school, a Baltimore student defense lawyer could help determine the best way to handle the situation.

Students could face disciplinary action for allegations of cheating, plagiarism, theft, harassment, and alcohol or drug use. In addition to disciplinary action being taken by the school, some types of misconduct could potentially result in a student facing criminal charges as well if law enforcement becomes involved.

Whatever type of allegations or criminal charges you might be facing, it is important to have a skilled defense attorney on your side to protect your rights and help you obtain the most optimal resolution possible.

Student Misconduct

Many schools identify several different types of actions as forms of student misconduct. Students alleged to have engaged in any type of misconduct are likely to face a disciplinary hearing, followed by disciplinary action if found guilty of the allegations. Examples of student misconduct that could result in school disciplinary action include:

Schools could impose a variety of sanctions if a student is found to be guilty of misconduct. Depending on the nature of the misconduct, a student could face a failing grade in a particular course, suspension, expulsion, or some other disciplinary measure.

Even if disciplinary action has already been imposed on a student, a Baltimore lawyer for student defense could help that student fight to have the sanction reduced or overturned if there is just cause for doing so.

Student Disciplinary Hearings

During a student disciplinary hearing, a committee of school officials or representatives usually review the specific allegations against a student and make a determination regarding the student’s culpability. During such hearings, accused students might be given an opportunity to respond to the claims of misconduct and explain their side of the situation.

One way a Baltimore student defense attorney could assist students accused of misconduct is by helping them prepare for any upcoming disciplinary hearings. An attorney could possibly provide guidance on how students could present themselves in the best possible light before the school disciplinary committee. A knowledgeable attorney for student defense could also explain what a student’s rights are in a school disciplinary situation and work to protect those rights.

Criminal Charges

Law enforcement could potentially be contacted for certain types of alleged student misconduct, such as assault or sexual assault allegations. In such cases, the school might still continue with its own investigation into the misconduct allegations and potentially take disciplinary action.

Once law enforcement becomes involved, though, there is also the possibility that a student could be charged with a criminal offense on top of whatever action the school might be taking.

A Baltimore student defense lawyer could assist students accused of misconduct who are also facing criminal charges. A lawyer could ensure a student’s legal due process rights are protected, while also preparing a legal defense to the charges.

Contact a Baltimore Student Defense Attorney Today

If you have been accused of misconduct as a student and are facing possible disciplinary action from your school, criminal charges, or both, a Baltimore student defense lawyer could assist you with the situation. A lawyer could also help safeguard your student and legal rights.

Allow an attorney for student defense to help you prepare for any upcoming school disciplinary hearings to give you the best possible chance of achieving a favorable resolution. An attorney could also help you fight any criminal charges that might be filed. Contact a Baltimore student defense lawyer today for assistance with your case.

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