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Maryland sits along a major interstate corridor between New York and Florida and is home to thousands of college students, contains a vital seaport, is an international tourism and travel destination, and is host to various industry interests and is alongside Washington, D.C.

All of these factors make Baltimore and Maryland a hub for drug trafficking and distribution. If you are involved in the drug trade or facing serious felony charges, you need a Baltimore drug lawyer who understands how to aggressively defend against drug offenses and how to undermine the Prosecutor’s case.  Every decision from this point on is critical. Contact a high-quality defense attorney immediately.

Types of Drug Crimes

Our Baltimore drug attorneys have represented numerous  individuals facing minor and major drug charges and related offenses including:

Although our firm has established a respected reputation defending clients against serious felony drug charges, our firm also handles simple drug possession cases. College Students are enrolled to further their futures and find a career.  Even a simple drug possession case can adversely affect financial aid, admissions and all aspects of your education and future. Therefore a drug lawyer in Baltimore can make a real difference in protecting your future and seeing that you do not leave the courthouse with a conviction.

Penalties For Drug Charge Conviction

Besides a criminal record, a conviction for drug crime can carry hefty fines, lengthy and costly probation periods, as well as substantial jail or incarceration.  Some of the other unanticipated consequences of a conviction for drug offenses include:

  • Loss of gun ownership rights
  • Loss or suspension of license
  • Professional license consequences
  • Disclosure of criminal and drug history on employment applications and college applications and financial aid.

Asset Forfeiture

The government can seize property connected with drug transactions or purchased with drug money — cash, bank accounts, cars, homes, boats. Luckily the Maryland drug attorneys with our firm are familiar with the time limits and specific procedures to challenge these civil actions and have recovered vast sums of assets seized by authorities.

Learn the Importance of a Baltimore Drug Attorney

The Baltimore drug lawyers with our firm do not accept the facts as presented by Prosecutors. Rather, our legal team investigates beyond your charging documents and the police report, often sending investigators to the scene of the alleged transaction or demanding to view, photograph and even have tested the actual evidence.

From the the pre-indictment intervention and suppression motions to plea negotiations and trial, our attorneys employ aggressive strategy and experienced tactics as we endeavor to avoid conviction or limit the consequences. Call us today.

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