Baltimore Title IX Lawyer

Life can be full of promise for college students. Unfortunately, some students can find themselves facing disciplinary action or legal consequences while in college for misconduct that falls under the category of Title IX violations.

If you have been accused of committing a Title IX violation, a Baltimore Title IX lawyer could provide legal representation and help protect your rights.

Title IX violations include certain types of sexual misconduct, such as stalking or harassment. Even if a student had no intention of committing any kind of sexual misconduct, certain actions could potentially be construed by others as a violation of Title IX.

A knowledgeable student defense attorney could help you prepare for a school disciplinary hearing and defend you against criminal charges related to Title IX violations.

Title IX Federal Law

Title IX refers to a long-standing federal law passed under the Education Amendments Act of 1972. Initially, the law explicitly prohibits any U.S. school or educational institution that receives federal funding to discriminate against anyone on the basis of sex. For example, students could not be barred from school admittance or from pursuing a particular major due to sex.

In more recent years the law has been extended to include acts involving sexual violence or misconduct. Under Title IX, that means that schools and educational institutions have a duty to investigate any allegations of sexual misconduct whether or not law enforcement is conducting its own investigation.

Sexual Misconduct Under Title IX

Several different behaviors are considered acts of sexual violence or misconduct under Title IX, including:

It is advisable for students accused of Title IX violations to retain an attorney. A diligent Baltimore Title IX attorney could review the details of the alleged wrongdoing to determine if any Title IX violations actually occurred. Additionally, an attorney could provide assistance dealing with criminal charges, school disciplinary procedures, or civil lawsuits.

Sanctions for Title IX Violations

Several possible sanctions could result from Title IX violations. Schools could impose academic and extra-curricular sanctions, while the criminal justice system could impose legal sanctions or charges.

School sanctions usually involve an investigation and disciplinary hearing first. If the school agrees that a student committed a Title IX violation, then disciplinary action might be taken. School disciplinary action could include being cut from an athletic team, being banned from other extra-curricular activities, suspension from school, or expulsion.

The legal consequences that could follow from allegations of Title IX violations include arrest and criminal charges, followed by prosecution. Students who are found to be guilty in criminal court of committing Title IX violations could face probation, fines, or imprisonment.

A Title IX lawyer in Baltimore could possibly help students facing criminal charges and prosecution fight for the best legal outcome possible, such as having the charges reduced or dropped.

Consult with a Baltimore Title IX Attorney Today

Accusations of students committing sexual misconduct in violation of Title IX are taken very seriously by academic institutions and the criminal justice system. If you are facing allegations of violating Title IX, criminal charges, or both, it is in your best interest to retain a Baltimore Title IX lawyer.

An attorney familiar with the federal Title IX law could protect your rights on campus and within the criminal justice system. Consult our office for legal assistance and representation today.