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Assault is a crime of violence that prosecutors and judges take very seriously because it is a charge that carries up to 10 years of incarceration and because of the significance and prevalence of violent crimes in Baltimore City.

For this reason, it is crucial that you contact an experienced Baltimore assault lawyer immediately if you are facing assault charges to ensure you receive the best defense possible and that your charges are minimized as much as they can be according to the evidence, facts, and circumstances of the case. Many people do not comprehend the seriousness of the charge and potential jail sentence until it is too late. Therefore, it is important to contact a skilled defense attorney immediately for experienced and aggressive representation.

Types of Assault

Our assault attorneys in Baltimore represent people in the Baltimore area, Western Maryland, and throughout the state against any charge of misdemeanor or felony assault including:

If the attack included the use or brandishing of a dangerous or deadly weapon, or the attack resulted in life-threatening or serious physical injury, the charge may be first-degree assault, which carries a sentence of up to 25 years in prison. Second-degree assault may not result in an injury, but it still can carry a sentence of up to 10 years imprisonment.

Aggravating or Mitigating Factors

Aggravating factors that may impact an assault case are prior charges, the severity of the assault, as well as the nature and the type of offense. Mitigating factors may include things that caused the incident to take place.

With an alcohol-related incident, if a person is in Alcoholics Anonymous and is attending programs that are inpatient or outpatient, that may help them. Their attorney can argue that the person is not a violent person, but has an alcohol problem and they got help.

In some cases, there may be something tragic that occurred in their life such as a death in the family. Very shortly after, they got into a domestic incident; but they have a clean history and no criminal record. Having no record is a mitigating factor. If they have no record or issues, are gainfully employed, but they are lashing out because of the devastation they suffered, those things can make a big difference in the judge’s and prosecutor’s perspectives.

Consequences For a Conviction

An assault conviction will mean having a violent criminal record, which could lead to extensive fines, jail, and the loss of other rights, such as your right to possess firearms. A criminal record affects employment, education, and your overall future, which is why a Baltimore assault lawyer will fight so aggressively to build a strong defense.

Alternative Sentencing

There are diversion programs or alternative sentencing options available to first-time offenders depending on the nature of the assault. For a very severe assault where someone is hospitalized, the first-time offender is probably not eligible for these options. For a domestic abuse charge, however, there may be programs that someone can participate in such as anger management and counseling, after which they can receive an expungement, which would erase the charge from their record.

In other types of cases, an individual may need to attend anger management or refer to another type of counseling depending on the type of assault that is alleged. These programs may help reduce the likelihood of recidivism and re-occurrence.

Steps to Take if Accused of Assault

If charged with assault, the first step an individual should take is to contact an experienced Baltimore assault attorney. In all likelihood, when someone is charged with an assault, they will be arrested and may have to post bond. An attorney can help them get bond and be released.

The next step an individual should take depending on the type of assault is whatever remedial action they possibly can to help their case. If the assault is alcohol-related, they need to get into treatment. If the assault is because of a bad or toxic relationship, they have to find another environment. If there is a work problem or there is someone at work with whom they have a conflict, they have to remove these factors. They should change their life and lifestyle to help their case.

Finally, an individual should listen to their attorney and follow the advice they are given. Attorneys can only guide someone so far. If someone is unwilling to take the advice, that makes it much more difficult for the attorney to help them. Eventually, that will hurt their chances of getting a positive result.

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