Baltimore Gun Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is always a serious matter that can carry hefty fines and jail sentences.  That same crime, however, turns far worse and can carry many more potential years of incarceration with the mere presence of a gun at that same crime.

Maryland has strict gun laws and the consequences for violation of those laws are correspondingly harsh. The Baltimore gun lawyers with our firm have aggressively represented numerous clients charged with a gun or weapons offense.  Contact our experienced criminal attorneys in Baltimore today to give yourself a fighting chance. Our attorneys can explain the process of what will take place and prepare you to fight and overcome the serious charges.

Common Offenses Involving Firearms

Gun charges are frequently felony offenses, meaning prison time is likely for a conviction. Our gun attorneys in Baltimore have handled every type of firearms case including:

  • Felon in possession
  • Assault rifle or other banned weapon
  • Gun trafficking
  • Unregistered firearm/stolen gun
  • Illegal discharge of a firearm
  • Concealed weapon

A prior felony conviction bars a person from legally owning or possessing a handgun or assault weapon. When the individual has a prior felony, the charge for possession is a felony offense with significant penalties, including violation of probation terms for the initial offense, up to five years incarceration, and up to $10,000 fine, if convicted.

Maryland further prohibits the possession of a rifle or shotgun by an individual who has been convicted of a violent crime, regardless of whether the conviction was in Maryland or another state, district, or commonwealth.

Wearing, carrying, or transporting a handgun in Maryland is strictly prohibited, regardless of whether it is concealed. Violation of this law could result in a misdemeanor criminal charge. Maryland also requires a Maryland issued carry permit to transport a gun into the state, even if the equivalent has been issued by another state. A failure to comply could result in criminal charges being filed.

Aggravating Factors and Enhancements

Guns and knives are not exclusively the only form of “deadly weapon.”  In fact, the gun lawyers with our firm have defended clients charged with felony assault for wielding an ashtray, a 12-inch souvenir baseball bat and even a vehicle.

Weapons charges often carry mandatory minimum sentences in addition to any sentence for the underlying crime. Any felon who is charged with possession of a handgun faces a mandatory five-year sentence in addition to any other sentence. The Maryland gun lawyers with our firm fight to have enhancements and mandatory minimum sentences dismissed.

Discover the Benefits of a Baltimore Gun Attorney

Violation of gun laws in Maryland could result in criminal charges being filed, which always has the possibility of a criminal conviction. A criminal conviction will result in a criminal record, which is available for public viewing. This could impact an individual’s ability to become employed and, in some cases, maintain current employment.

This is not a legal matter that anyone should attempt to handle without representation from a knowledgeable, experienced Baltimore gun lawyer. Call today for a free consultation.