Baltimore White Collar Criminal Lawyer

There are two categories of white collar crimes: either a non-violent, financially motivated crime, or committing a crime against an organization in the course of their employment. Those are the two types of areas, but generally, white collar offenses concern finances, money, and non-violent crimes. Examples of white collar crimes include embezzlement, employee theft, fraud, bad checks, and identity theft, to name a few.

Of course, there are numerous different types of white collar crimes out there but the biggest issue is that, when dealing with white collar crimes, it is not a matter of somebody just grabbing a checkbook off of a table. There is generally a course of conduct that an individual went through and the biggest challenge to the prosecutors is proving the intent of the individual.

There are a variety of white collar crimes but some are felonies that carry 25 years in jail. The defendant may be seeking a reduced sentence or plea deal for the charge. If you have been accused of something of this nature, contact a Baltimore criminal lawyer for help in creating the best defense possible considering the facts and circumstances of the charge.

Reduced Sentenced of Plea Deal

There are one of two scenarios in which a person may be offered a plea deal: one is if the evidence is somehow weak and they are concerned that they may have a losing case. If they have a losing case, they generally back off, but oftentimes, if it is questionable, they might offer a very favorable plea offer to guarantee a conviction and the defendant only gets a slap on the wrist compared to what would happen upon a guilty finding after a trial.

Another way that a reduced sentence may be offered is if the defendant can find a way to take care of the problem to help the victim after their loss. Oftentimes, the defendant will look at a much better plea deal, offer, negotiation, or result than they would have gotten without compensating the victim.

Reviewing Evidence

White collar crimes almost always have a paper trail—inventory lists, checks, receipts. Unlike a theft from a retail store, house, or residence, there is usually paper—actual money, checks, money orders, and more to look into.

The first thing the defense attorney must do is request all the discovery of the state from the prosecutors. Now, prosecutors will generally give it. When the person is charged, the Baltimore white collar lawyer gets a charging summary, some are charging documents and what is alleged, but all of the other evidence is not given to them. They have to formally request discovery and fully explore whether they are right in their accounting.

Benefits of a Lawyer

The number one benefit of a Baltimore white collar lawyer is that any white collar crime carries substantial incarceration, repercussions, criminal records, and even felony records. A lawyer can help navigate the waters, investigate defenses, and get you the best possible outcome to reduce either the exposure to jail or incarceration, and even, perhaps, look towards keeping their criminal record clean so as not to saddle them with a conviction and criminal record for the rest of their lives. Call today.