Baltimore Reckless Driving Lawyer

Reckless driving is defined as anything that would be deemed reckless under the circumstances. There is really no specific thing that can be pinpointed. It is based on the circumstances that a reasonable person would not be behaving in this manner. For example, if someone is driving the speed limit in an ice storm with zero visibility, that may be considered reckless. Not because they were speeding, but because the conduct of actually driving that way in those conditions would not be reasonable.

Reckless driving offenses commonly involve any situation where a driver is not exercising what should be common sense. Speeding in a blizzard would be reckless because the driver is not being mindful of the weather conditions, putting themselves and others in danger. A Baltimore reckless driving lawyer can help you prepare for trial. Contacting a skilled traffic attorney may be beneficial to your case.

How Serious is a Reckless Driving?

A charge of reckless driving could be attached with a speeding ticket. It is a separate ticket that it would not be a speeding ticket. A person is going at an excessive speed or the person is going at a speed which is excessive for the conditions of the road.

Reckless driving is a payable ticket so it is not a jailable offense. The ticket can be paid, but it will result in six points on that person’s license. The threshold for the driver’s improvement course in Maryland that is subscribed by the MVA is five points, so at that point, if a person gets a ticket for reckless driving they must attend the mandatory driver improvement course, in addition to whatever other points and issues that they happen to have because at six points, if a person already has points on their license, they are close to suspension territory.

Difference to a Speeding Offense

As a Baltimore reckless driving lawyer has seen, speeding can be an element of reckless driving behavior. Reckless driving does not necessarily have to do with speed per se, so the person may not technically be speeding, they may just be driving in a matter that is not safe. For example, a person is changing lanes without a signal consistently for miles on end – that could be reckless driving. They are not speeding, but are doing something that is showing a disregard for those around them and those that have to drive.

Paying a Ticket for Reckless Operation of a Vehicle

A reckless driving charge is a payable citation. In the event a person does request a trial, the charging officer would appear in court. There would be no State Attorney present. It would be determined by the officer to enter evidence for the State. If the officer appears or indicates what they saw relating to the ticket, the person can hope for leniency and possibly negotiate with the officer to get the ticket amended to negligent driving. However,, if all things are moving forward as planned on behalf of the State, the person could expect to get six points on their license once the Department of Motor Vehicles is notified.

Penalties for Those Who do Not Pay a Traffic Ticket

Reckless driving is a specific charge in and of itself, but could be attached to a speeding ticket or failure to stop at a stop sign ticket. It accompanies the main infraction and is usually paired with something else, e.g., when a person is doing something that is reckless like drag racing in a school zone.

Someone could receive points on their license and a fine which could be determined when the person was to get to court because a judge can always lessen a fine, or increase a fine. The MVA will get involved at six points requiring, most likely, a driver improvement course.

Reckless driving is a six-point offense if a person is convicted of it. If a person is a resident of Maryland, six points will ensure a letter from the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles informing them that they need to attend a driver improvement course. It is a serious matter, but not a jailable offense. There is a payable fine and a lot of points.


Working with a Baltimore Reckless Driver Attorney

It would be of the best interest of the person charged with reckless driving to retain a local defense attorney who would have an understanding of the court and the judges. An attorney would be aware of the six point violation against their Maryland driver’s license which could impact not only the person’s ability to have a license in the state of Maryland, but it could impact their car insurance and possibilities of employment as well. This is a matter to be taken seriously.

Baltimore reckless driving lawyers will likely know the officers involved in your case. They tend to see the same officers time and again and being familiar with the officers builds up a relationship so that when working out a deal, it can be done more effectively. Attorneys can be an asset because they are familiar with the judges and possible outcomes for traffic violation cases.