Unlicensed Driving in Baltimore

Unlicenced driving in Baltimore occurs for various reasons. Drivers might have forgotten their license at home, for example. However, when being pulled over, driving without a license or under a suspended license can lead to serious consequences. Therefore, it could be critical to speak with a distinguished traffic attorney could help defend you if you are facing license suspension. Contact a lawyer as soon as you can to begin preparing your argument for court.

Unlicensed Driving in Baltimore Case Expectations

With these types of cases, what the judge and state attorney wants to see is that the person is trying to take steps to correct the problem; meaning that have they started the steps to get their license. If a person has a license but does not have it on their person, they can come to court and show it and then they go home. If they have a license and they get pulled over, once they go to court and show that they actually have a license, then they are excused.

Penalties for Driving Without a License

Someone could face criminal charges if they have been pulled over for unlicensed driving in Baltimore. Driving without a license is a jailable offense in the State of Maryland and for those accused, attendance in court is mandatory. They could face a possible penalty of $500 in fines and up to 60 days in jail.

What are the Consequences of Driving on a Suspended License?

Someone who loses their license privileges as a result of unlicensed driving in Baltimore, can take the steps to fix it by the time they go to court. It is important that the person take initiative to fix the problem because the state will recognize their interest in taking responsibility for their behavior.

Common Causes of License Suspension

The most common reason for license suspension is a failure to pay tickets and failure to pay fines. An example is if a person had a ticket from a year ago, and never paid it. Child support can be an issue as well. The court does not suspend anyone’s license because the MVA holds the authority to do that. They will send them a letter to come in to discuss the matter. When someone’s license is suspended, they must wait about six months before getting it back.

How to Challenge License Suspensions

There are two ways a driver can challenge penalties for unlicensed driving in Baltimore. They can always go back and try to have a trial for the case that got them suspended. If the MVA takes it upon themselves to go and do something, then they literally have to go to an MVA hearing and the MVA deals with it from there. The MVA gives out the license, so the MVA can suspend it. It could be critical to speak with an established traffic attorney regarding your case.