Baltimore Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Because there are a lot of schools, stoplights, and stop signs in most areas, the standard speed limits in Baltimore are 25-mile-an-hour and 35-mile-an-hour zones. It is not fast on the roads that are one-lane. With more open space, like Route 40, it may be a little faster.

Speeding ticket case defenses vary based on the circumstances of the individual’s arrest. Therefore, discussing how to handle the speeding accusation with a professional traffic attorney could be beneficial for the outcome of your case. Contact a Baltimore speeding ticket lawyer to prepare possible defenses.

Common Speeding Offenses

In Baltimore, the most common location a person may be caught speeding is Route 40, which is a popular place to get stopped. It is near the University of Maryland in Baltimore County as well as high schools, so a lot of tickets come from this area. Route 40 is the main highway that runs through and many are getting on or off the highway.

The different types of speeding offenses in Baltimore are speeding tickets broken down into ten miles over, 20 miles over, or 30 miles over. Sometimes it may involve reckless driving, depending on what the officer writes the ticket for. Within the scope of Baltimore and Maryland traffic offenses, speeding-related charges are prevalent. Some officers go to court and see ten to 15 people for speeding violations.

Can Someone be Accused of Speeding Five Miles Over the Limit?

There are circumstances where drivers may be pulled over in Baltimore for going five miles per hour over the speed limit. In theory, it is possible for an officer to pull someone over for going one mile over the speed limit, because it is speeding. It gets tricky because it could be a speedometer issue.

An officer has the right to pull anyone over for any mile over the speed limit for the simple reason that it is against law to be speeding. As a Baltimore speeding ticket lawyer has seen, most officers are not going to pull someone over for five over unless it is an ice storm and driving over the speed limit is a problem because people get ticketed for negligence.

How Zoning Could Impact Someone’s Case

The zoning of a road a person is driving on should not determine how strictly they need to abide by traffic laws. Abiding by traffic laws is best all the time. Areas in which officers may be more inclined to give out a ticket would be where there is a school, a church, retirement communities, and other places that would have heavy amounts of foot traffic by people.

For example, they do not want people speeding by schools because kids may not realize a car is going by. With churches, there is a lot of lot of foot traffic with people going back and forth. With retirement communities, older people do not move as quickly, but they walk around a lot and may need extra protection because they are not necessarily aware. A Baltimore speeding ticket lawyer could answer your questions about how where you were arrested or stopped may impact your case.