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Wicomico Student Defense Lawyer

Sometimes students feel as though they have no power to defend themselves against those in authority at their school. Yet a disciplinary action against a high school pupil can ruin their prospects for being admitted to their college of choice. College students who are disciplined by the regents of their university might also need to face adult criminal charges.

If you or your child are experiencing legal problems, and you require representation at a school or court hearing, a Wicomico student defense lawyer could provide knowledgeable advocacy. The adversarial relationship between schools and their pupils can be daunting, but an adept attorney might be able to balance the powers.

Alleged Hazing Incidents

After several years of fraternity incidents resulting in severe harm to students nationwide, universities and the state legislature have enacted more stringent policies against hazing. College students in Wicomico are subject not only to the university regulations, but also the statutes in the Code of Maryland.

Per MD Code §3-607, it is unlawful for a person to recklessly or intentionally create a situation for the purpose of initiation that could cause grave bodily injury to a student. If a student or other person engages in such activities, they could be charged with a misdemeanor that might carry a sentence of six months of incarceration, as well as a $500 fine.

Although the accused may attempt to argue that the initiated members of an organization expressly or impliedly agreed to participate in the hazing, this is not a valid defense under the statute. A diligent student defense lawyer in Wicomico; however, might be able to raise other issues on behalf of the accused.

Accusations Made By Wicomico Schools

Generally, a principal in Wicomico has the authority to suspend a student for up to 10 days without involving other school district officials. However, per MD Code §7-305, an administrator may not suspend a pupil for more than ten days, or expel them, without first notifying the county superintendent. The county superintendent’s office is then required by law to conduct an investigation into the matter.

If the county office agrees that a longer suspension or expulsion is an appropriate consequence for the alleged behavior, they are expected to notify the family about the findings. At this stage, the student and their parents are allowed by law to appeal or request either a private or public hearing. A Wicomico student defense attorney would be authorized by statute to represent a pupil during such proceedings.

Discipline for a Student with a Documented Disability

In addition to the Code of Maryland, Wicomico schools are also subject to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of the United States Code. As such, a school administrator may not suspend, expel, or otherwise change the placement of a pupil with special needs, if doing so would violate federal law.

An accomplished attorney may have experience with cases involving the discipline of a pupil with an Individualized Education Plan.

Speak with a Wicomico Student Defense Attorney Today

If your family is experiencing legal troubles after an alleged incident at a local high school or university, a Wicomico student defense lawyer may be available to represent you. Having seasoned counsel on your side to vigorously advocate for you during school or court proceedings may make a vast difference in the outcome.