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Wicomico Theft Lawyer

A conviction for theft could turn your life upside-down and have lasting consequences beyond just criminal penalties. If you have been indicted for robbery, larceny, or any other theft charge, you may be facing fines or even jail time.

A compassionate Wicomico theft lawyer may be able to fight on your behalf against theft charges. In order to effectively pursue a positive outcome to your case, retaining a qualified criminal defense attorney may be crucial.

What Is Considered Theft?

In the State of Maryland, theft is considered a specific intent crime. This means that the prosecutor must demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused party intended to commit the crime in question.

Depending on the circumstances, a skilled Wicomico theft attorney may be able to argue that a defendant did not actually mean to commit theft. Alternatively, they may be able to prove a lawful claim to the property in question or argue that taking it was a mistake. These defenses may be used to contest the specific intent required for someone to be convicted of a theft offense. For more information about theft charges, contact a seasoned lawyer.

Robbery Charges

Code of Maryland, Criminal Law §3-401 defines robbery as obtaining something of value from someone else through the use of force or fear. Like theft, robbery requires specific intent. Consequently, in order to obtain a conviction, a prosecutor is required to prove the defendant intended to do one of the following:

  • Permanently deprive the owner of the property
  • Withhold it for a period that would greatly diminish the value of the item
  • Dispose of or sell the item
  • Return the item in exchange for a reward

Penalties for Larceny

Larceny refers to the theft of goods and services, and penalties depend on the value of the property or service allegedly stolen. In Wicomico, the theft of goods or services valued at more than $1,500 may be considered a felony.

However, an alleged theft of lesser value property might only result in a misdemeanor conviction. A competent theft lawyer in Wicomico may be able to argue against the value of the allegedly stolen property so that associated criminal penalties might be less severe in the event of a conviction.

Receipt of Stolen Property

A person who accepts property that they know or should know has been stolen may also be charged with a crime in Wicomico. This might also apply to stores or vendors engaged in the buying and selling of stolen goods. If money is exchanged for a stolen good and someone takes possession of that piece of property, the purchaser may be at risk for criminal charges.

How a Wicomico Theft Attorney Could Help

A Wicomico theft lawyer may be able to advocate on your behalf if you have been charged with any type of theft. Whether you were charged with burglary, larceny, embezzlement, or robbery, skilled legal counsel could work to defend you and your rights during court proceedings.

Such charges can be quite serious, and it is generally better to start building your case sooner rather than later. Call today to learn more about different kinds of theft charges and potential defense strategies.