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Wicomico County Sex Crimes Lawyer

Facing criminal charges for a sex offense can be stressful and frightening. Trying to handle the situation on your own can be overwhelming. If you are facing charges for a sex offense, allow a Wicomico County sex crimes lawyer to represent you.

A lawyer who is familiar with the laws on sexual offenses could answer any questions you might have about the charges. A sex crimes attorney could also develop a strategy for defending you from the charges. Additionally, a skilled defense attorney could protect your legal rights while working to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

Sexual Offenses in Wicomico County

The criminal code of Maryland lists all the different sexual offenses prohibited under the law. A few types of sex-based offenses in Wicomico County include:

  • Forcibly engaging in a sexual act with another person without that person’s consent
  • Engaging in any type of sexual activity with a minor
  • Soliciting a minor for sexual activity
  • Engaging in prostitution and related acts
  • Human trafficking
  • Attempted rape

The Maryland criminal code lists several other sexual offenses beyond those listed above. These are just some examples of prohibited sexual acts. A dedicated Wicomico County sex crimes attorney could provide more information on sex offense laws and answer specific questions.

First and Second-Degree Sex Offenses

Some types of sexual offenses, such as rape or attempted rape, can be charged in either the first or second degree. First degree charges are more serious than those in the second degree. Consequently, the penalties upon conviction for offenses committed in the first degree are more severe than those for offenses committed in the second degree.

There are several reasons why a sex offense charge could be elevated to the first degree in Wicomico County. Using a weapon to aid in committing a sexual offense could result in first degree charges. Causing serious bodily injury while commuting a sexual offense could also result in first degree charges.

A diligent attorney could provide additional details regarding when sex-based offenses are charged in either the first or second degree.

Possible Penalties for Sex Offenses

The penalties upon conviction of a sex offense in Wicomico County will depend on the nature of the offense, the degree of the offense, whether there is a prior criminal history for similar offenses and other factors. In general, a conviction for a sex offense could result in incarceration and a fine.

A conviction for felony rape in the first degree could result in a sentence of life in prison. A conviction for felony rape in the second degree could, in some instances,  result in a minimum mandatory and non-parolable prison sentence of 15 years. An experienced Wicomico County sex offense lawyer could answer questions about the legal penalties associated with a specific sexual offense.

Speak with a Wicomico County Sex Crimes Attorney Today

Attempting to defend yourself against sex offense charges can be difficult. Preparing a defense strategy requires a thorough understanding of both the legal system and sex offense laws. A Wicomico County sex crimes lawyer could help you fight for the best possible resolution to your case by preparing a strategic defense to the charges against you.

A knowledgeable attorney could also safeguard your legal rights, including your constitutional right to due process. Speak with a sex crimes attorney in Wicomico County about your case today.