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Wicomico Solicitation Lawyer

It can feel extremely embarrassing to be picked up by local law enforcement for solicitation. However, that uncomfortable feeling may pale in comparison to the emotions that you might feel after a conviction.

If you were arrested for solicitation in Wicomico, it might be sensible to contact an experienced criminal attorney as soon as you are able. A seasoned Wicomico solicitation lawyer may be able to successfully defend you against all charges.

Charges for Solicitation

The Code of Maryland §11-301 defines solicitation as urging, advising, or inducing another person to engage in a sexual act for payment. A related crime to a solicitation is assignation.

An individual may be accused of assignation if they are alleged to have made an appointment with a prostitute or otherwise engaged them for prostitution. However, a Wicomico solicitation attorney might be able to defend a defendant charged with this offense by showing that they had no intention of paying someone for a sexual act.

A conviction for solicitation or assignation of prostitution could result in both fines and time in jail. However, solicitation in Wicomico is a specific intent crime. This means that the prosecutor may be required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused fully intended to commit the act. The burden is completely on the prosecution during criminal cases, although an attorney for the accused may raise defenses.

Solicitation of a Minor

In Wicomico, the solicitation of a minor who is younger than 16 is a separate crime. Per MD Code §3-324, it is unlawful to command, urge, or entice a youth to commit a sexual act via any channel or means, including the following:

  • In person
  • Through an agency
  • Over the telephone
  • Via any print medium
  • By mail
  • Computer or internet conversations
  • Any other electronic means

A prosecutor in Wicomico may be able to build a large body of evidence in securing an indictment for the solicitation of a minor because there could be a paper or electronic trail of evidence. A solicitation lawyer in Wicomico may be able to persuade the court to exclude certain documents, if their inclusion may violate an individual’s constitutional rights.

Entrapment in Wicomico Solicitation Cases

Entrapment can be an affirmative defense in a case for the solicitation of prostitution if the person solicited was working for law enforcement at the time of the arrest. Under the law in Wicomico, the accused would have to show that they had no original intent to commit the crime.

A defense of entrapment might be successful if the defendant can show that they were not predisposed to commit the solicitation. Instead, they might have been unfairly induced by a government actor, who persuaded them to commit the crime.

If an adept solicitation attorney in Wicomico believes that this affirmative defense might be successful in a prostitution case, they may invite witnesses to testify about the law-abiding character of the accused. The testimony could convince the court that entrapment did indeed occur in this instance.

Let a Wicomico Solicitation Attorney Assist You

Solicitation may be taken seriously by both local law enforcement and the Wicomico criminal justice system. If you have been arrested and charged with this offense, it might be smart to sit down with an attorney right away.

A Wicomico solicitation lawyer may be a beneficial advocate during what is generally an adversarial court process. Call today to consult with a skilled counselor about the allegations being made against you.