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Wicomico Prostitution Lawyer

Some may joke that it is the oldest profession, but in reality, there is little that is funny about being arrested and charged with an indictment for prostitution in Wicomico. A conviction for prostitution, or a similar crime, may carry a hefty jail sentence in addition to fines.

A charge for prostitution, solicitation, or pandering may also negatively impact your reputation in the community, and even an arrest might show up on a background check.

In Wicomico, prostitution is included as part of the state laws against indecency and obscenity. A criminal attorney will know more about the specific laws that apply. As such, a conviction for an offense related to prostitution could lower your standing in the community.

If you have been charged for acts that fall into this category of the criminal code, it may be prudent to contact a Wicomico prostitution lawyer immediately.

Prostitution Laws in Wicomico

Prostitution, as it has been defined by the Code of Maryland §11-301, is the performance of a sexual act or the engagement in sexual contact for hire. Under some circumstances, both the alleged seller and the accused buyer of the sex can be criminally charged.

A Wicomico prostitution attorney who is representing the accused solicitor of the prostitution may be able to successfully argue that the defendant had no intention of engaging in sexual activity. Moreover, duress can be a valid affirmative defense for prostitutes who can establish that they were forced into sex trafficking through threats of injury or death to themselves or their loved ones.

Pandering or Human Trafficking Charges

Pandering has been codified by MD Code §11-303. However, what was once referred to as pandering in the Wicomico courts is now more commonly called human trafficking.

The statute makes it unlawful in Wicomico to perform any of the following acts related to prostitution:

  • Taking someone against their will to work in a house of prostitution
  • Harboring individuals who are engaged in the sale of sexual acts
  • Receiving payment for procuring humans for sex trafficking
  • Threatening physical harm if a person does not perform sex acts

A conviction for the violation of this statute may result in a fine of $5,000, as well as up to ten years of incarceration. However, if the accused is convicted for performing such acts on a minor, they could be sentenced for up for 25 years in prison and fined $10,000. If an individual is facing either the misdemeanor or the felony charge, it can be important to retain a seasoned prostitution lawyer in Wicomico who can defend the alleged violator of the statute.

Aiding and Abetting Prostitution

A person in Wicomico who knowingly facilitates prostitution or human trafficking, or receives anything of value for furthering the venture, may be charged equally with the persons that they aided. This portion of the statute can be especially important when the defendants have trafficked minors.

If an individual in Wicomico assists someone with a prostitution business, but they did not realize that minors were involved, this will not serve as a valid defense. However, an adept prostitution attorney in Wicomico may be able to rebut a client’s charges by proving a lack of knowledge about criminal activity.

Consult with a Wicomico Prostitution Attorney Today

Charges for prostitution and related offenses are taken seriously in Wicomico. Depending on the type of indictment, a convicted individual might face years of incarceration and heavy fines.

If you have been arrested for a prostitution offense, it may be wise to contact a skilled defense attorney as soon as possible. Call the law offices of a Wicomico prostitution lawyer to discuss a plan to fight the charges.