License Suspensions in Anne Arundel County

When an individual’s driver’s license is suspended, they have temporarily lost their driving privilege for what is often a minor offense, such as not paying child support or failing to pay a seatbelt ticket. Driver’s license suspensions are considered lower level, so currently you would not face jail time for the types of administrative mistakes that can lead to your driver’s license being suspended. However, if your driver’s license is suspended for accruing too many points, being charged with a DUI, or other behavior that can endanger other drivers, those charges are viewed as more serious offenses for which you could be incarcerated for up to one year.

Revocation of your driver’s license means the loss of your driving privileges entirely. It can result from serious traffic violations and convictions, and you would have to reapply for a driver’s license and be retested for your license after a prescribed waiting period if you wish to reinstate their driving privileges. For more information about license suspensions and driving without a license in Anne Arundel County, consider speaking with an experienced traffic attorney.

What to Expect from Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License

Drivers should expect greater consequences from driving while their license is suspended or revoked than simply having to pay a citation. They will be required to appear in court and could face significant consequences, such as losing their driving privileges altogether or even jail time, if found guilty.

If a driver is charged with driving while their license has been suspended or revoked, they would be required to attend any court appointments scheduled to address the charges. If the driver does not appear in court as scheduled, a license suspension, separate from any other previously existing suspension, would be imposed, and in some instances, a warrant could even be issued for their arrest.

If a driver is found guilty of driving while their license has been suspended for a minor or administrative offense, they might receive several points on their license and a maximum fine of $500. If found guilty of driving while their license has been suspended for a more serious charge, a driver could receive a $1,000 fine, up to one year of incarceration, and the imposition of 12 points on their license, the last of which would trigger a revocation of driving privileges.

Building a Defense for Suspended/Revoked Cases

Attorneys can build a defense for those charged with driving in Anne Arundel County while their license was suspended or revoked by examining the nature of why their license was suspended. Drivers suspended for not paying minor citations such as a seat belt ticket would receive a different sentence than drivers whose licenses were suspended for more serious behavior that could endanger other drivers or pedestrians, such as hit-and-runs or DUIs.

With the exception of those suspended for failing to pay or appear for minor traffic offenses, failing to complete driver improvement or doing emissions tests, maximum penalties do not change based on the underlying nature of the case. However, the attorney’s ability to emphasize a driver’s lack of aggravating factors—such as prior suspensions or DUIs—could result in some degree of leniency if the driver is found guilty of their current charge.

The Importance of Contacting Legal Counsel

It is important to contact traffic lawyers in cases involving driving without a license because only a local attorney would know the proper legal procedures by which to obtain the best possible result in Anne Arundel County. Because of that, they would be unafraid to challenge the strength of the prosecutor’s case.

A driver’s license being suspended does not necessarily ensure that a driver will be convicted of any charges unless the prosecutor proves the state’s version of the facts of the case beyond a reasonable doubt. However, a prosecutor’s knowledge of the facts of a case is often deficient, and a skilled defense lawyer can properly utilize the state’s lack of knowledge to a defendant’s advantage.

Even if the prosecutor presents enough evidence to sustain a guilty verdict, there are still mitigating steps that an attorney can take to help achieve a more favorable result, such as negotiating with the prosecutor to lessen a charge. Traffic lawyers are important players in these cases because they provide drivers with an advocate and spokesperson against the state’s prosecutor.

Dealing with Anne Arundel License Suspensions and Charges of Driving Without a License

Traffic offenses may seem like minor problems, but in certain circumstances, they can result in significant criminal penalties, especially if your license is already suspended or revoked. To seek help dealing with either license suspensions or driving without a license charge in Anne Arundel County, contact a qualified traffic lawyer today.