Anne Arundel Demerit Point System

As a driver in Maryland, it is important to understand how the Anne Arundel demerit point system works. The Transportation Article and codebooks dictate how many points are assessed for each type of moving violation from running a stop sign to driving under the influence (DUI). Generally, the more egregious and serious the offense, the more points would be assessed to a license. Points stay on a driver’s record for two years before they expire.

If you want to know more about how points are accrued onto a license or how severe certain offenses are, contact a local traffic attorney. A lawyer could explain how different infractions affect your license and how to best handle moving violations.

Accumulation of Points

In Maryland, when a driver accrues three or more points within a two-year period, they receive a warning letter from the MVA. If a driver accrues five or more points, they must participate in driver improvement classes. Upon receiving eight points, a driver’s license will be suspended and they must attend a hearing if they wish to petition for some driving privileges to remain intact. If one accrues 12 points, their license is revoked.

Points stay on a driver’s license for two years before they are automatically removed, in addition to a possible increase in the driver’s auto insurance premium. Drivers with multiple traffic offenses on their record may have a greater likelihood of receiving harsher suspensions for any future offenses. Additionally, once a critical mass of points is accrued, consequences may apply that restrict a person’s right to drive.

Points for infractions accrued in any county in Maryland go on the driver’s record, which can be accessed by any other jurisdiction. Police will also have a database detailing any and all traffic offenses a driver has. The Anne Arundel demerit point system may be accessed and used during traffic stops. However, it is important to note that points assessed outside of Maryland generally do not reflect on a Maryland license.

Challenging Points In Anne Arundel County

Because points are applied automatically, drivers cannot challenge their issuance. However, drivers could negotiate the number of points placed onto their license for any particular charge with a judge during a court appearance for that infraction. A judge could reduce the driver’s charge or even eliminate the points originally issued. In some cases, a driver has been issued several citations, they could plead guilty to one offense in exchange for the dismissal of the others with the help of a seasoned traffic attorney.

How an Attorney Could Help With Demerit Points

An Anne Arundel traffic lawyer could help a driver if points are jeopardizing their privileges by attending a hearing with the driver and providing a compelling argument and evidence to prove why the judge should not outright suspend or revoke the driver’s privilege.

If you have accrued points on your license, an attorney may be able to help you reduce the number of points, or even have them dismissed. Call a traffic lawyer today to get started on protecting your right to drive.