How an Attorney Could Help in Anne Arundel County Traffic Cases

Like any crime, more extreme traffic offenses can lead to jail time, fines, or a criminal record. Even minor charges may lead to points on your license, license revocation, increased insurance rates and other consequences. It is essential in these cases to have a skilled traffic attorney. How an attorney could help in Anne Arundel traffic cases depends on the specific situation of your case, but experienced legal counsel may help you navigate the court process, and potentially improve the outcome of your trial.

When to Contact a Traffic Attorney

During a traffic stop itself, there is not necessarily a reason to engage an attorney. Likewise, if an officer gives a warning, there is no need for legal counsel or criminal defense. However, if charges are leveled, it may be wise to contact a lawyer to assess your options and begin crafting a defense.

If the citation is something minor like a repair order, there is not much an attorney is needed to do. However, with any sort of moving violations, a lawyer could give advice on possible sentences including jail, fines, or revocation of license. How an attorney may help in Anne Arundel County traffic cases largely depends on the level of the charge and the consequences at stake.

An Attorney’s Role in a Legal Defense

If the charge is an offense carrying potential jail time, a lawyer could act as a go-between for the defendant and the prosecutor. Prosecutors should not talk with the defendant directly, rather, the defendant’s attorney could advocate for the accused during negotiations with the opposing side. Acting as an ally to the defendant is just one of the ways how a lawyer could help in Anne Arundel County traffic cases

The average individual does not know the rules of evidence, how to present a trial or case, or what the state is required to prove for a guilty verdict. For those reasons, a lawyer can be an invaluable asset in court proceedings. Even if the facts are against the defendant, mistakes with evidence collection or the manner in which the case is prosecuted might lead to a dismissal or acquittal with the help of a skilled lawyer.

Defense Basics in Anne Arundel County Traffic Cases

Defenses vary based upon the nature of the offense. For minor traffic offenses such as speeding, there likely will not be a prosecuting attorney, but just a police officer with a limited court/legal experience. If it is a serious traffic offense and there is a prosecutor, the attorney could challenge the case and evidentiary basics or work with the prosecutor to try to resolve it before sentencing.

Picking the Right Attorney for You

Many attorneys practice in many different fields of law, both civil and criminal, but choosing an attorney dedicated to criminal law may enable you to get the best outcome through that lawyer’s extensive experience. Choosing a focused traffic lawyer may help you through your case. How an attorney could help in Anne Arundel County traffic cases includes protecting your rights during an arrest or charge, negotiating with the prosecution, or representing you at trial. Call a lawyer today for a consultation on your situation.