License Restoration in Anne Arundel

An automatic license suspension could result from driving under the influence (DUI) charges or refusing to take a breathalyzer test. Even though defendants have the right to challenge or refute these charges, the license suspension is generally triggered automatically. Additionally, accruing eight points on a driver’s license could trigger a suspension while 12 points often causes full revocation.

Any prior convictions for traffic or alcohol offenses could lead to greater suspensions and other consequences. If your license was suspended or fully revoked, ask an experienced traffic attorney about your options for license restoration in Anne Arundel county. An attorney may be able to advocate for you and fight to get your right to drive returned.

Restricted and Hardship Licenses in Anne Arundel County

In most suspension cases, a driver may request a hearing before an administrative law judge to prove their need for a restricted permit if the driver’s original charge was a point suspension, a DUI with a breathalyzer test result under 0.15 but over 0.08, or even a provisional license violation. Instead of suspending the driver’s license outright, a judge could issue a restricted license for the period of suspension enabling the driver to commute to work, school, or a medical care provider.

A restricted license permits an individual to drive for limited purposes or only to specific places. If a police officer sees that a driver has a restricted license and asks the driver where they are going or coming from, and the answer is beyond the confines of the restriction, the driver can be charged as though they are driving while their license is suspended.

Drivers with a suspended license pursuant to a point accumulation could request a hearing to obtain a restricted license once they receive a notice in the mail from the MVA advising them of the pending suspension. The notice includes the option to request a hearing for a restricted license. Hearings are typically held at an MVA or the Office of Administrative Hearings in Baltimore County, Hunt Valley, rather than the courthouse.

Eligibility for License Restoration

Once a driver’s suspension or revocation period has ended, they should be eligible to reapply to regain their driving privilege barring a permanent ban on that right. The nature of the suspending charge only makes a large difference in one’s ability to restore a license when there are remaining points on a license or they refused a breathalyzer test. It would be uncommon for a violation to disqualify a driver from ever seeking a license restoration in Anne Arundel County.

Anne Arundel County License Restoration Process

If a driver is under a suspension, they must wait until the suspension period expires before their license is reissued and they can legally drive again. If one’s license has been revoked, they will not only have to wait out the revocation period, but they must also reapply and retest for their driver’s license as if they never had one to begin with.

A Lawyer Could Help Restore Your Driver’s License

An experienced local traffic attorney will have worked with license restoration in Anne Arundel County. Having an attorney to walk you through the process of applying for a license restoration could see your right to drive returned quicker. If your license was suspended or revoked, call a lawyer today to find out when you are eligible to get a new license, or start the process.