Anne Arundel County Traffic Lawyer

A traffic offense is a violation of the Maryland Annotated, Transportation Article. One serious repercussion a lot of people do not think about is failing to pay the ticket and failing to appear. If a person does not pay the ticket or does not appear after scheduling a hearing, that person will have their license suspended. In Maryland, minor traffic offenses in Maryland are misdemeanors. For example, going 10 miles over the speed limit. An Anne Arundel County traffic lawyer can help you contest any ticket or charge you may be facing for a driving offense. It may be critical to contact a skilled criminal defense attorney who can walk you through the contesting process.

Patrolling Traffic in Anne Arundel County

Patrolling traffic is a cop-by-cop scenario when determining if they are going to be stopped or not. With more serious matters, like a DUI, a person will get a ticket. That will be a serious thing that will have to be dealt with and most likely or they will have to appear in court for things of that nature. Sometimes the arresting officer does not appear in court if the individual chooses to contest their speeding ticket. If that is the case, the ticket may be dismissed.

The individual will not have to do anything beyond showing up. Anne Arundel County traffic lawyers have witnessed situations where an officer did not appear and the prosecution was not able to use them as a reference. If someone decides to have a hearing, they do not automatically pay the fine and receive the points on their own.

Role of the Potential Client

Typically, people are more concerned with points on their license, because they have a longer shelf life than just paying the fines. Somebody’s license can impact a person’s insurance. It can impact the ability to get a job if a person’s job requires driving. If the job requires that a person had a clean driving record, a person would not have a clean driving record if they have points on their license. If their job requires driving, the person would have an issue of having points on their license. An Anne Arundel County traffic lawyer can help better the situation before them and offer strategies to help defend the matter in court. A lawyer may help a person by being able to negotiate a better outcome with police officers or the state.

Common Defense Strategies

A lawyer may formulate a plan to present their client in the best light. This would include getting information about the person’s background, previous driving history, employment and educational history. Even knowing about the person’s life could help, such as the person was speeding because their child’s school called to say the child was hurt. All information is important information when trying to defend someone. There are steps that can be taken before you even get to court to help the person such as explaining the benefits of enrolling in an educational class or program which is related to their traffic violation. Most times the rule planning and groundwork is done before you even step into the courtroom.

Hire an Anne Arundel Traffic Attorney

Maryland traffic cases are challenging because they are unpredictable. Someone should consider hiring an Anne Arundel County traffic lawyer when facing a routine traffic stop under all circumstances. Even tickets related to minor traffic offenses can have additional consequences in addition to fine. Individuals could have increased insurance rates, suspension, and revocation of their license depending on their past record or the current number of tickets they have received. Furthermore, a person could lose their job or not get a job which records a clean driving record. Hiring a lawyer can help a person better understand the situation before them and better evaluate their options.