Driving Without Insurance in Anne Arundel

The state of Maryland requires all drivers to carry a minimum level of liability insurance. This is to ensure that all drivers on the roads are able to pay for damages they may cause in case of an accident. As a result, driving without insurance in Anne Arundel County is unlawful and may come with significant penalties. If you have been pulled over on the road and cited for driving a vehicle without insurance, it is important to call a dedicated local traffic lawyer. A traffic attorney could explain the specifics of the charge and help you develop a strategy to fight, dismiss, or minimize the consequences.

Anne Arundel County Insurance Requirements

Any vehicle to be driven on a public roadway needs to be insured according to state statute. This liability insurance follows the vehicle meaning that a person who just has a license is not required to have insurance but a person who owns a vehicle is required to have insurance for that vehicle, even if they do not drive it themselves.

In fact, if someone purchases a vehicle, typically the dealership will require that they get insurance and show proof of it and potentially even speak to the insurance company before letting them leave the lot. If somebody else borrows their car with permission, the insurance they have covers it, but all vehicles must have certain minimums of insurance, and depending on the value, a person can get other coverages as well. The required insurance policies cover damages to other drivers on the road, but some vehicle owners may opt to pay for more extensive policies that would pay for any damages to their vehicle if it is damaged. For more information about the exact requirements for car insurance, consult with an experienced traffic lawyer.

Driving Without Insurance Charges

If a driver is operating a vehicle and they do not have insurance as required by law they should expect to face charges and consequences. The most severe penalties for driving without insurance includes up to one year in jail, and significant monetary fines. These fines are at the discretion of the sentencing judge.

While many people believe that driving without insurance is just an aggravating factor for other charges, driving without insurance in Anne Arundel is an offense in and of itself. There is a specific article in the Maryland Code requiring insurance, and a violation carries penalties just like any other criminal violation. It is important to take uninsured driving charges seriously as they could result in criminal penalties, points on a driver’s license potentially leading to license suspension or revocation, and may make it more difficult and expensive to secure auto insurance in the future.

A Traffic Attorney Could Help With Your Uninsured Driving Charge

If a motor vehicle is in your garage, it does not have to be insured, but as soon as that vehicle is taken onto the roads, it must be insured. When going to court, it may be wise to have a vehicle insured, even if it is not in use as it may look better to the judge hearing your case. In certain cases, purchasing insurance for a vehicle, even after being issued an uninsured driving charge, could help demonstrate that you are working to amend your behavior. If you have been charged with driving without insurance in Anne Arundel County, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to help. Call today to schedule a consultation for your case and work on building a defense.