Anne Arundel County Gun Lawyer

Maryland gun laws govern the possession, transport, and use of firearms in Anne Arundel County and throughout the entire state. There are specific legal requirements regarding the wearing, carrying, and transport of handguns and other types of firearms. Violations of any of these gun laws may result in criminal charges. Facing such charges could be overwhelming, but you may not have to fight the charges on your own if you contact an Anne Arundel County gun lawyer.

A dedicated criminal defense attorney could provide assistance throughout the entire legal process and fight to help you achieve the best legal resolution possible.

How a Gun Attorney Could Help

A gun lawyer could provide assistance to a person facing gun charges in several ways. An attorney could answer questions about the specific charges being faced, as well as the possible penalties for a conviction. An Anne Arundel County gun lawyer could also:

  • Provide legal representation during all legal proceedings
  • Provide legal advice
  • Prepare an appropriate legal defense to the charges
  • Fight to help the person charged with a gun law violation achieve the best legal outcome possible

Getting in touch with a lawyer may give a defendant the edge they need to fight any firearm charges.

Firearm Laws in Anne Arundel County

Laws governing the possession, use, and transportation of various types of firearms in Anne Arundel County are outlined in the state of Maryland’s criminal law code under Title 4 on weapon crimes. A few acts that are prohibited under Maryland law and could result in criminal charges may include:

  • Wearing or carrying an open or concealed handgun anywhere other than on one’s personal property
  • Transporting a handgun, open or concealed, in a vehicle traveling on a public roadway
  • Wearing, carrying, or transporting a handgun on school property
  • Wearing, carrying, or transporting an open or concealed handgun with the intent to injure or kill another person
  • Using a firearm while committing a violent crime

Additional gun laws pertaining to handguns, assault weapons, and machine guns are also detailed in Maryland’s criminal law code (see Title 4, Weapon Crimes). A gun lawyer in Anne Arundel County could explain Maryland gun laws in greater detail, including the possible penalties for a conviction of gun charges.

Legal Penalties for Firearm Law Violations

The legal penalties for convictions of gun law violations in Anne Arundel County could vary depending on the type of offense specified in the criminal charges. The legal penalties could be more severe for second and subsequent convictions of the same offense. An Anne Arundel County gun lawyer could answer questions regarding the possible legal penalties for convictions of specific types of gun charges.

The penalty for conviction of a first-time handgun violation is imprisonment for a period of between 30 days and three years, as well as a possible fine of between $250 and $2,500.

A second conviction for the same type of offense pertaining to the wearing, carrying, or transport of a handgun may result in a penalty of one to ten years in prison, and a possible fine. Subsequent convictions for the same offense are punishable by a term of imprisonment of five to ten years, and a possible fine. If a person uses a firearm to commit other criminal acts, such as robbery, the presence of a firearm may be an aggravating factor that increases the severity of the original crime.

Reach Out to an Anne Arundel County Gun Attorney

It may not be advisable to try and fight charges of gun law violations on your own. Since the legal system may be difficult to navigate, a legal professional could assist you by fighting on your behalf to obtain the best possible legal outcome. Contact an experienced Anne Arundel gun lawyer for assistance today.