Anne Arundel County Robbery Lawyer

The state of Maryland has various laws addressing robbery, which is a criminal offense combining assault and theft. Robbery is a very serious offense that results in harsher penalties than many theft offenses.

If you or a loved one is charged with robbery in the state of Maryland, it is a wise idea to contact an Anne Arundel County robbery lawyer. Contact an experienced theft attorney right away to defend yourself.

Legal Definition of Robbery

The state of Maryland defines robbery as intentionally depriving an individual of their rightful property or services through the use or threat of force. To satisfy a robbery charge, the following two requirements must be met:

  • An individual must have had the intent to permanently deprive the victim of the property in question
  • The property that is taken must have been either on the victim’s person or immediately within the person’s vicinity

There are laws in Maryland which specifically address armed robbery. Armed robbery is a different offense than robbery because armed robbery must be performed with a deadly or dangerous weapon.

There is not a specific list of what constitutes a deadly weapon, but some of the most common examples include firearms, knives, and other weapons that have the potential to result in serious bodily injury or death. The state of Maryland also charges individuals who have a weapon on their person. Carjacking is another type of robbery-related offense that involves taking an automobile by force or threat of force. In contrast to robbery, carjacking does not involve the intent to permanently deprive the owner of their vehicle.

Possible Penalties Due to a Robbery Conviction

A robbery conviction can result in a prison term of no more than 15 years, a fine, and restitution paid to the victim of the crime. Armed robbery charges are even more severe and can result in a 20-year prison sentence, a fine, and restitution being paid to the alleged victim.

A conviction involving carjacking can result in an individual facing 30 years in prison.

Building a Defense

There are various defenses that can be raised in response to charges of robbery or armed robbery. With the assistance of an Anne Arundel robbery lawyer, an accused individual may present one of the following defenses:

  • Duress, when a person acts under the threat of being harmed if they fail to succeed in a robbery
  • Entrapment, which occurs when the intervention of law enforcement is responsible for a person committing an illegal act
  • Failure by the prosecution to prove the individual is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt
  • Improper or illegal search and seizure
  • Inability of victims to correctly identify the suspect, which is a common occurrence because eyewitness identification is frequently unreliable
  • Police misconduct, which occurs when police violate any state laws regarding how law enforcement is required to collect evidence and interview suspects
  • Proving that someone else committed the robbery
  • Witnesses that provide unreliable testimonies

Consult with an Anne Arundel Robbery Attorney

Robbery-related offenses are viewed as a very serious crime in the state of Maryland and can result in individuals facing significant offenses that result in up to 15 years in prison. If you are charged with an offense related to a robbery, an Anne Arundel County robbery lawyer can fight for the compensation that you deserve. Call one today to learn what they could do for you.