Worcester Sex Crimes Lawyer

Sex crimes in Worcester include a variety of offenses, such as rape, sexual assault, possessing or distributing child pornography, incest, indecent exposure, and prostitution.

Worcester sex crime convictions may result in severe legal penalties and could also lead to heartbreaking personal consequences. They can negatively impact family relationships, as well as the accused’s standing in the community. A conviction may also require the accused to register as a sex offender– a designation which exposes the accused’s sex crime to the public.

Many sex crime charges are subjective, and it is often one person’s word against another. Consequently, it is key that you have a Worcester sex crimes lawyer representing you at your trial and during all other legal proceedings. An experienced criminal attorney could assist you with your case and provide you with skilled, aggressive legal representation.

Degrees of Sex Crimes

The law divides Worcester sex crimes into four degrees. First-degree rape involves vaginal intercourse or some other sexual act that is accomplished by force or threat of force, or without consent, and in conjunction with an aggravating factor. These factors could involve the use of a gun or any other deadly weapon.

Alternatively, a fourth-degree sex offense involves non-consensual sexual contact which involves a 14 or 15-year-old individual. The offender must be a minimum of four years older than the accuser or the sexual act must occur with a minor student enrolled at a school where the offender is employed. The sexual contact is considered non-consensual due to the other individual being too young to consent to the act. A fourth-degree sex crime is a misdemeanor and is the most minimal of the sexual offenses that require a sex offender registry.

Sex Offender Registry

One of the most serious consequences of a Worcester sex crime conviction is mandatory registration as a sex offender. The sex offender registry has three levels – or tiers – of sex offenses. Many sex crime convictions carry lifetime registry requirements, meaning that the convicted sex offender must register for the rest of their lifetime.

Other Potential Penalties upon Conviction

With the required sex offender registration, individuals facing sex crime convictions can incur other serious penalties. Those penalties include jail time, probation, and large fines. When assigning penalties, a sentencing judge will also consider the accused’s criminal record and any prior sex crime convictions.

A sex crimes lawyer in Worcester could advocate for the accused at their sentencing hearing and attempt to eliminate – or at least minimize – the penalties and consequences.

Defenses to Worcester Sex Crimes

Worcester sex crime charges often stem from he-said, she-said allegations. When a Worcester sex crimes attorney asserts a powerful defense on behalf of the accused, a dismissal of the sex crime charge could result. Potential defenses to Worcester sex crimes include:

  • Mistaken identity – In some instances, the accuser may misidentify the defendant and mistake them for the individual who committed the sex crime.
  • Alibi – The defendant may allege, possibly through witness testimony, that they were somewhere else at the time the alleged sex offense occurred.
  • Motive – The defendant may contend that the accuser had a motive to lie. This is especially true in contested divorce or child custody cases where one parent engages in a smear campaign against the other, hoping to damage that parent’s reputation.

Speak with a Worcester Sex Crimes Attorney

If you are facing any type of sex crime charge, you need skilled legal representation in your corner immediately. A Worcester sex crimes lawyer could ensure that you understand your legal rights and recommend the best options for you. Call today and set up a consultation.