Worcester Drug Lawyer

Drug charges in Worcester could be difficult to fight. A drug conviction may result in serious legal penalties and personal consequences. This could include potential social and psychological damage.

If you are in the midst of a criminal case in Worcester that involves a drug charge, you need legal help as soon as possible. A Worcester drug lawyer has the knowledge and experience to pursue a favorable result in your case and ensure that you are ready for your court date. Get in touch with a well-practiced attorney to learn your options and legal rights.

Categories of Drug Charges

Worcester divides drug crimes into three different categories, including drug possession, drug possession with the intent to distribute, and drug distribution charges.

  • Possession – A police officer could arrest an individual for drug possession if they find the drugs on the accused’s person, such as in a pant or coat pocket. The officer could also make an arrest if they find the drugs in the accused’s general vicinity. This may include a house or car where the accused was recently present.
  • Possession with intent to distribute – The State may charge a person with possession with intent to distribute if the accused possesses a specific quantity of drugs, such that a police officer could reasonably assume that the accused intended to sell the drugs.
  • Distribution – The police could arrest someone on a drug distribution charge if they believe the individual is selling, transporting, or importing an illegal controlled substance.

Penalties for a Drug Crime Conviction

If the State finds the accused guilty and convicts them of a drug charge in Worcester, it is up to a judge to issue the penalty. In certain cases, the judge passes sentence immediately. As a seasoned attorney could explain, other cases may have the sentencing occur at a later date.

The potential penalties upon conviction for a Worcester drug crime could be harsh and may include jail time, fines, and probation.

The extent and nature of the penalty usually depend upon whether the drug charge is a felony or misdemeanor, the classification for the drug(s) at issue, the amount of the drug which the accused possessed, and the specific charge which the State levies against the accused. When passing sentence, judges also look to whether the accused has a record of prior convictions or probation violations – especially as they relate to drug crimes.

A drug attorney in Worcester could stand by the accused’s side at a sentencing hearing and ask that the judge impose a lighter penalty.

Possible Defenses to Drug Charges

While the accused never has the burden of proof at a drug trial, a Worcester attorney may advance one or more legal defenses on the accused’s behalf. In the case of a drug possession charge, the accused may allege that they lacked control over the drug at issue. This is especially true if the police recovered the drugs from someone else’s car and the accused did not know that drugs were present in the vehicle.

In the case of possession with intent to distribute, the accused might allege that they lacked the necessary intent to commit the crime. A Worcester drug lawyer could assist the accused by advocating on their behalf in the courtroom.

Work with a Worcester Drug Attorney

Drug convictions are serious matters and carry with them a negative social stigma. If you are facing a drug charge, let a Worcester drug lawyer assist you today. A skilled attorney could work with you to assemble a strong defense, safeguard your legal rights, and represent you at all court proceedings throughout your case.