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In Worcester County, Maryland, police officers are on patrol at all times, attempting to make sure that everyone on the road stays safe. The state imposes strict penalties for DUI charges due to the amount of deaths and injuries that occur because of the impaired state of some drivers. If you or a loved one is charged with a DUI, we recommend you contact a DUI lawyer in Worcester County as soon as possible.

Consequences for DUI in Worcester County, Maryland

In the state of Maryland, a convicted person has more than just jail time and fines to worry about. In addition to facing criminal charges, a driver must make an appearance in front of the Motor Vehicle Association in order to defend the possible suspension of his or her license. From the moment a police officer cites someone with a DUI, that person loses his or her permanent license. The officer issues the driver a temporary license, called a DR-15A, but the temporary license is only good for 45 days. The individual has 30 days to postmark a request to the MVA for an administrative hearing. If the person does not request a hearing within the allotted period, his or her license will be suspended by the administration. A person with a first time DUI conviction in Worcester County stands to lose his or her license for six months or more. The only way to avoid such is to defend oneself with a reliable Wocester County DUI attorney that knows the proper way to negotiate with the MVA.

Along with a possible six-month license suspension, the accused party stands to spend up to one year in jail. Spending time in jail has its own separate series of consequences, of course, and it can devastate one’s professional and personal life. If the convicted person was transporting a minor while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the courts may sentence the driver to two years in jail.

For a first offense of DUI, a Maryland driver can expect to pay approximately $1,000 in fines and may face up to one year in jail. Again, the presence of a minor doubles the punishment and increases the fine to $2,000, while the driver may spend up to two years in prison.

Other negative ramifications that may result from a DUI conviction include severe increases in auto insurance policies or the complete removal of a driver from the policy. Insurance companies do not like to take chances on a person with such a serious conviction. Therefore, someone who is found guilty may not be able to drive even after the MVA suspension is lifted.

Where the Hearings will be Held

In Worcester County, the criminal hearing for DUI will most likely occur at One West Market Street, Snow Hill, Maryland 21863. The number to the facility is (410) 632-0700, and the hours of operation are 8:30am and 4:30pm. The Motor Vehicle Administration where the accused party would have a hearing is located at 65th Street and Coastal Highway Ocean City, Maryland 21842. The telephone number to this facility is 410-768-7000, and the hours of operation are 8:30am to 4:30pm. It is in the best interest of the driver to seek qualified legal representation to reduce the suspension time and the jail time that may occur from such a sentence.

Worcester County, Maryland DUI Defenses

An experienced Worcester County DUI lawyer can use several defenses to protect his or her client. The first and best defense is one that proves that the arresting officer did not follow proper procedure during the citation process. A police officer issuing a DUI citation must prove that the person had a blood alcohol level that was higher than .08 percent for the conviction to stick. Failure to administer a Breathalyzer test, failure to issue a DR-15A, or failure to properly conduct the standardized field sobriety tests are also reasons that a court may dismiss a DUI case.

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