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Solicitation is defined as the act of procuring or attempting to procure sexual acts in exchange for money or material goods. In reality, solicitation could also be defined as enticing or forcing another person to engage in a criminal act, and is most charges relate to prostitution. There is no clear way to charge a person for solicitation, and in certain cases, a charge requires law enforcement officers to give a subjective judgment of a person’s behaviors.

While such subjective judgments carry a significant amount of weight in court, a Rockville solicitation lawyer could still fight to get your solicitation charges dropped or reduced, especially if you do not have any prior convictions.

If you have been charged with solicitation, it would be wise to retain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.

What is Solicitation?

In the state of Maryland, the penalties for solicitation are defined in Subtitle 3, Title 11 of the Criminal Code. This section of the Code states that solicitation could be defined as:

  • Hiring another person to engage in sexual acts in exchange for money or material goods
  • Inducing, enticing, requesting, or commanding another person to engage in criminal activity
  • Making an appointment to receive sexual favors in exchange for money or material goods

The laws regarding solicitation are extremely broad and poorly defined. Even if a person does not have sexual contact with a prostitute, they may still be charged with solicitation. Hiring a prostitute for another person or arranging for them to meet a prostitute might also result in criminal charges. Individuals facing such charges should work directly with a solicitation attorney in Rockville to determine an effective legal strategy.

A conviction for solicitation might result in a fine of up to $500 and up to a year in prison.

Additional Consequences of a Solicitation Conviction

Contrary to popular belief, individuals may have more to lose than just their freedom and money if they are convicted. A solicitation charge can make it difficult to maintain a normal life, and it is common for a solicitation charge to result in:

  • Loss of a job, career, or volunteer position
  • Loss of standing in the community (damaged reputation)
  • Difficulty to finding housing or passing a background check

The penalties for solicitation could be steep, and if a person wants to avoid them, they will need a solid legal strategy. It should be noted that the Maryland court system takes solicitation very seriously, and the prosecutor will do everything in their power to get a conviction.

Charges Involving Minors and Prior Convictions

While a normal solicitation charge could be difficult to handle, individuals may face even greater penalties when they involve a minor or a prior offense. As always, a person with prior solicitation offenses will more than likely face steeper penalties compared to those who are facing a charge for the first time.

Also, attempting to procure sexual services from a minor could also result in a longer jail sentence and higher fine, notably if the person facing charges was aware the person was a minor. It is also illegal for a person to force another person to engage in acts of prostitution. Individuals facing solicitation of minor charges or prior convictions are advised to speak with a well-practiced Rockville solicitation lawyer immediately.

Contact a Rockville Solicitation Attorney

If you are currently facing charges of prostitution, you cannot afford to not have legal representation. A conviction can have far-reaching consequences, and if you are convicted, you may never be able to return to your normal life. Luckily, an attorney may be capable of getting your charges dropped or reduced to lesser charges.

Contact a Rockville solicitation lawyer today if you are ready to defend yourself in court.