Rockville Gun Lawyer

Most people are well-aware of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. While the Constitution recognizes that right, each state can place limits on how people may exercise that right.

In Rockville, people need proper licenses for firearms and a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Any violation of a gun-related law could result in serious accusations which could affect your life and your future.

Any type of firearm charge, which may involve alleged improper use, possession or ownership of a gun, can lead to consequences. The judicial system does guarantee everyone certain rights, which may help you avoid or minimize the impact of possible accusations.

While it may be difficult to understand your rights, a dedicated Rockville gun lawyer may be able to help you explore those rights. A dedicated criminal defense attorney could explain what defenses you could rely on if an accusation leads to formal charges and a possible trial.

Gun Laws in Rockville

The government noted that violent crimes often involve the use of handguns, that more deaths occur because handguns are carried in public places, and the previous law was not effective in preventing violent crimes. This led the government to created new laws in regards to guns.

Maryland Criminal Law §4-203 prohibits the carrying or transportation of guns, unless the carrier meets certain criteria:

  • Authorized by law (ex: police officer)
  • Has a permit
  • Transporting the gun between a sales shop or repair shop
  • Transporting the gun to and from target practice or a training class
  • Transporting a gun collection for an exhibit
  • Transporting to and from work
  • Works as a security guard
  • A signal pistol
  • Surrendering the gun according to a court order

The punishment for a first offense is a misdemeanor. The court may sentence a person the court finds guilty for up to 30 days in jail and a fine of $250. A second offense may lead to up to ten years in jail, and a third offense may have a minimum punishment of at least three years.

Machine Gun Possession

The law prohibits ownership of certain types of guns, such as machine guns, as noted in the Code of Maryland Criminal Law §4-405. The owner cannot have the gun if it is for “an offensive or aggressive purpose.”

Prohibited Ammunition

Exploding ammunition or bullets made of particular prohibited materials is prohibited by the Code of Maryland Criminal Law §4-110. The court can punish mere possession with up to five years in jail or a fine of no more than $5,000.

Gun Possession during the Commission of a Crime

Merely possessing a gun or having a gun within reach during the commission of a crime is a crime in itself, according to Code of Maryland Criminal Law §4-204. This rule applies even if the firearm at issue is inoperable. The court may add on an extra five to 20 years of jail time to the sentence for the original crime.

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You have the right to have a firearm, but if there is some conflict between you and the government in regards to exercising that right, you may need help. Speak with an Rockville county gun lawyer to learn more about how the government may limit your rights on gun ownership as well as the laws in place which may affect you. If you have been accused or arrested for some gun-related issue, seek out help immediately. An attorney may be invaluable and be able to aid you in protecting your rights and freedom.