DUI Medical Attention in Howard County

People who have been arrested for DUIs in Howard County are generally taken to the local precinct. There, they will be processed for information like where they live and work. Afterward, there will be a 20-minute observation period at which point paperwork is prepared. The person will be read certain rights and they will be offered the intoximeter, otherwise known as the breathalyzer test, at the station within the two-hour window from the time of the incident. If a person is injured or ill, they do have the right to seek DUI medical attention in Howard County. If a person wants to know more about their right to seek medical attention, they should consult a knowledgeable DUI attorney that could advocate for them.

How Police Determine the Necessity of Medical Attention

Sometimes it is obvious when someone needs DUI medical attention in Howard County, such as if there is a physical injury or bleeding. Other times, the person asks for medical help. It does not even have to be an accident, it could be someone who is hyperventilating, or maybe even alcohol poisoning that needs to be addressed. If someone needs medical attention, they will take them to the hospital first and then ask if they will submit to a blood draw, or do a test afterward, as long it was in the required timeframe. The police will take care of an individual if there is a need to so, or if there is an urgency.

Using Lack of Medical Attention to Build a Defense

If an individual does not receive DUI medical attention in Howard County despite needing it, it could possibly result in a civil lawsuit against the police but would have no bearing on the criminal case. A defense attorney cannot use the fact that a person did not receive medical attention as a part of the defense. It has no bearing on the criminal case. Maybe there could be grounds for an action against the police department, but it is not a defense to the criminal case.

Refusing Medical Help

Anybody, by law, can refuse even life-saving medical help. They are not required to get it but if somebody is unconscious then they have a duty to render aid against it. A defense lawyer would not necessarily advise refusing medical attention, although there is a risk that if somebody goes to the hospital and blood is drawn, it could be used against the individual. There is the risk of that, but if a person truly needs medical aid, it is always more advisable to do that and deal with the consequence thereafter than to put someone’s health at risk.

Importance of Consulting a Howard County DUI Attorney

Anyone with a DUI offense should contact a Howard County attorney immediately, but it is especially important when there has been DUI medical attention in Howard County rendered. That is additional evidence that could be used and only a local attorney who is familiar with the DUI law would know how to create the best defense possible. At the first possible opportunity, which is prior to submitting to a blood or breath test an individual could contact a skilled DUI lawyer that could build their case.