Pre-Trial Release and Bond in Howard County DUI Cases 

Pre-trial release and bond in Howard County DUI cases are important for a person’s freedom. When a person is arrested and goes through the booking process, they will see a commissioner. The commissioner has the determination of whether or not to release the individual. They can release them right there or they can require them to post a bond, which is a security measure. It is about the money and the court holding it to ensure someone shows up to court.

Once they show up, the bond is discharged and they get the money back depending on the type of bond. Ultimately, a bond that a commissioner sets and a judge later consents is designed to ensure a person’s appearance at trial if there is a concern for either public safety or the person not showing up for court if released. For more information, contact a skilled DUI lawyer today.

How the Bond Amount is Determined

The bond is determined based on the nature of the charge, the person’s history, and whether the commissioner or judge believes the person will show up in court. It can be posted with cash, credit card, bondsman, or even a property bond. It can quickly and legally get somebody released if they or the family can afford to post the bond.

What is Pre-trial Release?

A trial is the day in court when the prosecutor either has to prove the case or the parties undergo a trial. The time between when someone is arrested and a trial is a pre-trial period. If somebody wants to be released in pre-trial and advance of the trial date, they may be required to post a bond to obtain release. The attorney can help from the very beginning, even at the initial commissioner phase bond review, to help form a basis that justifies release of the person on a very low bond or perhaps without a bond. The implications of pre-trial release are that the court can revoke a bond. Even if it has been posted, they can forfeit it and have to sit in jail until their day in court.

When released, they generally get release paperwork, which shows the court date, case number, their obligations, when they show up to court, and any restrictions they might have to abide by. Sometimes they can be placed on pre-trial supervision in which they are supervised while awaiting trial. This is how pre-trial release and bond work in Howard County DUI cases.

Contacting an Experienced Howard County Attorney

It is important to get in touch with an experienced DUI attorney in Howard County because there are certain deadlines that have to be abided by and certain time limitations that are very immediate when it comes to bonds and pre-trial releases. When a person gets charged, there are things that must be done in the first 10 days to save a person’s ability to drive. There are also remedial steps to try to address the nature of the charge and the alcohol issue, all of which an attorney can help with from the very beginning. The attorney could even be consulted prior to deciding whether or not individuals took a breath test at the station immediately after arrest. For more information on pre-trial release and bond in Howard County DUI cases, contact a skilled attorney today.