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A Motor Vehicle Administration, or MVA, hearing will help to reduce the chance that your license will be suspended or revoked after a DUI charge. If you are ever arrested and charged with driving while impaired or driving under the influence (DWI or DUI) in the state of Maryland, it is important to take immediate action in order to minimize the risk of losing your driving privileges completely. This immediate action is to request a hearing before the MVA within 10 days of your arrest. At this hearing, you will have the opportunity to challenge the suspension your driver’s license. Having an experienced Howard County DUI attorney on your side, protecting your rights, can improve the outcome of this hearing.

Hiring an Attorney for Your MVA Hearing

When you hire a Howard County MVA hearing lawyer to represent you at your Maryland MVA hearing, he or she can work meticulously to prepare for your case in order to help you keep your driving privileges. These attorneys are familiar with the process and understand what a judge wants to hear in these cases.

Protection of Your Rights During Your MVA Hearing

The attorney you hire will understand the legal process and the laws involved in any MVA hearing. When you hire an attorney, they will take time to learn about the details of your arrest and any other information relevant to the situation. This will include any prior arrests and convictions that you have, and how losing your license will affect your life and impact your family and your job.

There are a number of different cases that our Howard County MVA hearing lawyers can represent, which include:

  • Charges that are filed against juveniles due to violations of an alcohol restrictions
  • Charges that are based on a person refusing to submit to a breath or blood test
  • Charges that are based on blood or breath test results that show a BAC level of .08 or more

During your hearing, the attorney you hire will ask the presiding judge to forgo the actual suspension of your driver’s license or, when necessary, grant you limited privileges for driving in order to allow you to get to work as well as other important locations.

How to Request an MVA Hearing in Howard County?

If you have been arrested for a DWI or a DUI in Howard County, you may wonder what you need to do next. The arresting officer likely gave you a temporary license in addition to a request form for an MVA license. Knowing what you need to do with each of these would be extremely helpful.

The first step is to ensure that you fill out the form properly. In the section that states whether or not you have a Maryland driver’s license in your possession, you should write something to the effect that the arresting office confiscated your license.

The next step will be to fill out the address, license number, and date of birth. When you hire an attorney, you need to write in their information on this as well. This will help the Office of Administrative Hearings (which is where your MVA hearing will take place) and your attorney to be able to work and coordinate a date for your MVA hearing.

If you fill out the form and turn it in within 10 days of your arrest, then you will not have your license suspended, and you will be able to continue to drive, at least until the day of your hearing. If you turn the form in at some point between 11 and 30 days after your arrest, then you may wind up having your driver’s license suspended between the dates that the temporary license expires and the actual date of your MVA hearing. If you do not turn your form in until 30 after your date of arrest, then it will result in your license being suspended, and you will not be granted a hearing.

The form must be sent, along with the $150 filing fee, to the Office of Administrative Hearings. Youshould request a return receipt. When you take this action, it will provide you with proof that you actually sent the form, and that the MVA actually received it.

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Hiring an attorney early after your arrest will also provide you with assistance in this process to ensure that you are granted your hearing and that you can maintain your driving privileges. When you contact our firm, a friendly team member will conduct your free initial consultation with no commitment necessary.  The sooner you call a Maryland MVA hearing lawyer with our firm, the more swiftly it will be possible to evaluate what defense strategy is right for you.