Carroll County Traffic Attorney

Call a Carroll County traffic lawyer if you’re looking to address serious traffic charges or moving violations.

To many people, receiving a traffic ticket for speeding or running a stop sign seems like a minor annoyance. The truth of the matter, however, is that these types of violations can easily cost you significant sums of money and even jeopardize your driving privileges. In addition, these matters can quickly escalate, particularly if you miss a required court appearance or forget to pay a fine.

Law enforcement officers and judges in Carroll County, Maryland take traffic violations very seriously and impose strict penalties even for first-time offenses in certain cases. Furthermore, more serious violations, such as driving under the influence or reckless driving, can result in serious sanctions, such as probation or even jail time. As a result, it is important that anyone who has been accused of violating Maryland traffic laws discuss their case with an experienced Carroll County defense attorney as soon as possible after a ticket or summons is issued.

Carroll County Traffic Laws

Carroll County is policed by the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, the Maryland State Police, and various municipal departments, including Hampstead, Taneytown, Manchester, Sykesville, and Westminster. There are several major highways in the County, including State Routes 26, 27, 32, 91, 97, 140, and 194. The various law enforcement agencies that operate in the area aggressively enforce traffic laws, and the local governments generally try to generate as much revenue as possible from those who violate traffic laws. With the various bars, clubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues around Carroll County, law enforcement is actively looking for people who are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The best way to deal with these or other allegations of traffic law violations is to retain an attorney who is familiar with the various courts around Carroll County and who understands how to get you the best possible outcome under your unique circumstances. Some of the types of traffic cases a Carroll County traffic lawyer can handle include the following:

Reckless Driving in Carroll County

While all traffic violations have the potential for serious consequences, some violations are considered more serious under Maryland law. For example, the offenses of reckless driving result in 6 points being added to a driver’s license, which trigger a requirement that the driver attend a mandatory Driver Improvement Program (DIP). In addition, fines of up to $500 may be imposed . For drivers who are under 18, their license may be suspended for six months for a first offense and for a full year for any subsequent offense. Fortunately for those accused of these violations, the laws are written in such a way that a skilled Carroll County traffic lawyer may be able to argue that the driving at issue did not rise to the level of recklessness  and negotiate a favorable settlement or even have the case completely dismissed.

Aggressive driving is another traffic offense that has can have serious consequences in Carroll County and the rest of Maryland. Under Maryland law, “aggressive driving” is defined as committing three or more of the following acts at the same time or during a single and continuous period of driving:

  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way when required
  • Following another vehicle too closely
  • Driving outside of a single lane when lanes are present
  • Overtaking or passing a vehicle on the right
  • Cutting another vehicle off after passing
  • Running a red light or ignoring a traffic signal in some other way

Under Maryland law, the default fine for a misdemeanor is $500 .

Finding an Experienced Carroll County Traffic Lawyer

With these potentially serious penalties, it is important for people who are facing a Carroll County traffic violation case to discuss their case with an experienced lawyer. To schedule a free consultation with a Carroll County traffic attorney, contact us today.