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Bethesda Federal Sex Crimes Lawyer

Being charged with a sex crime in the federal court system is something that should not be taken lightly. A potential conviction from these charged are known to be very severe and the federal court system is not known to be lenient. If you have been charged with a federal sex offense, it is imperative that you speak with a dedicated and experienced attorney. A Bethesda federal sex crimes lawyer may be able to work with you and build a strong defense.

Sex Crimes Prosecuted in Federal Court

Human trafficking is one of the more common sex crimes prosecuted in Federal Court. Distributing child pornography into the United States from a foreign country could also be considered to be a form of human trafficking.

The federal government regulates and prosecutes all types of charges that involve interstate commerce or crossing over state lines that are not localized to just internal states. In federal courts, a person does not have the same ability to present physical evidence or ability to establish definitively what happened.

Common Situations that Lead to Federal Sex Crime Charges

Common situations that lead to federal sex crime charges could be any crimes that crosse over state lines. For example, as opposed to sex offenses by physical contact, such as rape and sexual assault, crimes such as the transferring/distribution of pornography and human trafficking will most likely be charged in federal court since those crimes usually occur over the internet, which is not bound by any state restriction. Contact a Bethesda federal sex crimes lawyer to learn more about this topic.

Uniqueness of Federal Cases

The federal government usually does not get involved in cases unless they potentially have undisputed evidence that someone committed a crime. The federal government’s conviction rate is extremely significant and far greater than that of the state court system. It is a much more daunting task to defend against a federal case. Also, the federal system has a much more structured system as to what may result from a conviction.

Federal sex crime cases are typically known to be sinister in nature. These types of cases are could potentially affect the judge and jury on an emotional level. The details of these cases can be hard to handle at times and therefore makes sex crimes cases all the more difficult to defend. Speak with a Bethesda federal sex crimes lawyer to know more about federal sex crime cases.

Importance of Hiring a Bethesda Federal Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex crime cases carry some of the most significant consequences in comparison to other federal offenses. When law enforcement interviews an individual, they are not interviewing to get a person’s side of the story, they may be trying to gain evidence to assist the prosecution. It is for this reason that hiring a seasoned attorney is imperative when dealing with these sorts of cases. You could potentially benefit greatly from having someone by your side navigating you through tough questions and figuring what may be the best defense to present.

An experienced sex crimes attorney understands the nature of these cases, the jargon of the court system, and how to restrict law enforcement/prosecution from asking overbearing questions that may not legally merit an answer. Contact a Bethesda federal sex crimes lawyer to learn more about what they can potentially do for you.