Following a Bethesda Sex Crimes Arrest 

Following a Bethesda sex crimes arrest, the person will most likely be booked, processed, see a commissioner, and could potentially be released. If they are not released, then they may have a bail review in front of a judge the next business day if they get released pending the court case.

A person should seek to speak to a trusted attorney the first opportunity they get. This will most likely come after they have been booked and processed.

Speaking with an Attorney First

It is important to talk to a lawyer following a Bethesda sex crimes arrest before speaking with law enforcement. Authorities may not be looking for evidence to help the individual charged exonerate themselves. Instead, they are looking for evidence to be used for the prosecution. Many people give the prosecutor evidence that can be used against them as an admission, confession, and ultimately build a stronger case for the prosecution. An individual can always talk to an attorney later in the case, but once something is said to the prosecution it becomes very difficult to take what was said back.

Common Things to Know about Sex Crimes

A person should understand that a sex crime is a serious charge. Following a Bethesda sex crimes arrest, a person should not speak to anyone under any circumstances without an attorney. The police and prosecutors may not have the person’s best interests in mind.

Most sex crimes could be classified as felonies. However, there are fourth-degree sex offenses that may not be considered felonies. Sex crimes could either be heard in front of a judge or a jury, this is dependent on the choice of the defendant.

Constitutional Issues

In some cases, the individual charged may have made a statement. If that statement was done without proper advisement or coercion, then the statements could potentially be excluded. If the police seized property, whether it is a computer or a phone, without a proper warrant, then a seasoned criminal defense attorney may want to challenge those or any other constitutional violations that could be applied.

By speaking with a sex crimes lawyer following a Bethesda sex crimes arrest, a person gives themselves the opportunity to catch these constitutional issues early on. However, the danger of self-incrimination is ever present when a person does not consult with an attorney right away.

Benefits of Hiring a Bethesda Sex Crimes Lawyer

There are many benefits to hiring a sex crimes lawyer following a Bethesda sex crimes arrest. An experienced attorney understands the sensitive nature of the charge. This allows the attorney to know when to be aggressive in terms of potentially allowing certain testimony or evidence.

By hiring a private lawyer as opposed to a public defender, you grant yourself the opportunity to work with a skilled attorney very closely and diligently. Public defenders are known to be over-worked, underpaid, and frequently changed. A private attorney could always be available to speak and may have a better-centralized focus on your case.