Bethesda Sex Crimes Prosecution

Bethesda sex crimes prosecution is often harsh, and local authorities may fight tirelessly for a conviction. Due to the sensitive nature of these cases,  sex crimes are treated differently in courts. These offenses also carry the most serious penalties and consequences.

A person should keep in mind that Bethesda prosecutors may likely seek a heavy sentence, or even the maximum. Because the stakes are so high in sex crimes cases, you should strongly consider retaining an experienced defense attorney. With an aggressive criminal lawyer by your side, you could raise a strong defense and fight for a favorable resolution of your charges. Call today to discuss your legal options.

Presenting Evidence

When prosecuting a Bethesda sex crimes case, authorities must use evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors may choose to consider physical evidence in the form of emails, pictures, or videos. They may also use evidence such as text messages, phone calls, injuries, and witness testimony.

Judge’s Treatment of Sex Crime Cases

Bethesda judges will most likely keep in mind that the families of the alleged victims have been emotionally damaged by the case. This affects the options available to a defense attorney. For example, in a theft or drug case, the defense attorney could pursue a very aggressive cross-examination of the alleged victim. However, in a sex crimes case, this may be inappropriate or not allowed at all.

Questions an Attorney Would Ask a Defendant

In order to build the strongest possible defense against a Bethesda sex crimes prosecution, a defense attorney may start by collecting evidence and speaking with the defendant. They may want to find out exactly what happened and who they talked to about the crime. Additionally, a defense lawyer may conduct an independent investigation to collect evidence showing the defendant’s side of the story.

Other Factors for a Defense Attorney to Consider

When building a defense strategy, a criminal lawyer may also take into account the nature of the offense charged, the history of the defendant, the strength of the evidence for the prosecution, and whether the prosecution proposed any type of plea or resolution.

A careful analysis of these factors could allow a knowledgable criminal lawyer to provide sound advice about the punishments a defendant may face. Furthermore, familiarity with the local courts gives a Bethesda defense attorney useful insights into how a case may proceed. This puts them in a good position to evaluate the fairness of any potential plea deals.

Reach Out to a Bethesda Sex Crimes Attorney

If you were charged with a sex offense, it is important to understand that Bethesda sex crimes prosecution can be harsh. If convicted, you could face heavy fines, years or even decades in prison, and life-altering social stigma. You could be required to register as a sex offender, which could affect your employment and housing prospects.

In order to work towards a positive outcome to your case, you may wish to retain an experienced defense attorney. Call today to set up a case review and begin building a credible defense against your sex crime charges.