What to do if Accused of a Crime in Maryland

A person may find themselves in a situation where they have been accused of committing a crime, but have not been charged or arrested. This can cause a person a great deal of anxiety especially if they have been falsely accused. A Maryland criminal lawyer can be extremely helpful for a person who is accused of a crime. When a criminal lawyer is involved from the very beginning, they can help ensure that the person is not wrongly charged, or help build a defense if they are charged. An attorney will review all of the facts associated with the case and can help present a person’s defense in court to either a judge or jury.

Knowledge of Accusations

A person may become aware of the fact that they have been accused of a crime if they receive a document from a Maryland police officer that outlines the accusations or have been approached by a police officer who would like to ask some questions.

Depending on the accusations, this knowledge can help a person convince the police and prosecutor that they are innocent and avoid charges, or allow the person the advantage of having the time to begin preparing a defense. If a person is officially charged, the person may either receive a charging document or a statement of charges. It is very rare for a person to be charged with a crime and not be aware of it.

False Accusations

Whether a person has been charged with a crime, if they feel that they have been falsely accused of something illegal, they should hire competent counsel in Maryland immediately.

An experienced defense lawyer can almost always present a viable defense for an individual who is innocent. The attorney can present alibi defenses or challenge the evidence that the state has compiled against their client. It is a lawyer’s job to work for the best interest of their client. If someone has been falsely accused, a lawyer will go through each piece of evidence with detail and figure out a way to prove their clients’ innocence. When a person is falsely accused of a crime, they should not have their future negatively impacted.

Police Questioning in Maryland

If a law enforcement officer in Maryalnd contacts a person to ask questions regarding a police investigation, it is imperative that the person contact their attorney right away. Even when a person knows that they have not committed a crime and the person has no idea what the law enforcement officer wants to talk about, it is always a good idea to have counsel present when answering any questions. Law enforcement officers are trying to get someone to admit guilt, do or say something that will incriminate them, even if they are being open and communicative. It is not in a person’s interest to speak with law enforcement officials without their lawyer present.

Value of a Maryland Criminal Lawyer Attorney

A person should always have their attorney present whenever speaking with law enforcement. A person may inadvertently make a self-incriminating statement or statement that is against their best interest if they speak on their own accord. A Maryland criminal defense lawyer can help a person respond to any questions and inform them when they have no legal obligation to answer something that may be incriminating. Essentially, an attorney can counsel a person on when it is a good idea to talk and when a person should not speak.