Washington County Gun Lawyer

Failure to abide by the strict firearm transportation laws in Maryland may result in severe penalties. If you are charged with violating a firearm law, a Washington County gun lawyer may be able to assist you in understanding the charge, the penalties, and the ways in which you could build a defense.

It is never too soon to make the call. The legal process could be very complex and having a seasoned criminal defense attorney by your side may make all the difference.

Where and How to Transport Firearms

Individuals cannot carry, transport, or wear a gun except in certain circumstances. The circumstances under which individuals may carry, transport, or wear a gun may include:

  • Transporting to or from a repair shop, to or from the person’s residences, or to and from the person’s residence and business
  • Transporting on property that the person owns or leases
  • Carrying within a business establishment (if the person carrying is a supervisor with permission from the business owner or business manager)

Even if one of the circumstances listed in Maryland Code § 4-203 applies, there are also requirements for the way in which the gun must be transported. It must be unloaded and securely placed in a holster or case, separate from the ammunition. An experienced attorney may advise a gun owner to place the enclosed and unloaded firearm in the trunk while transporting it to or from one of the permitted locations.

A firearm attorney in Washington County could aid individuals in determining whether their method of transporting or carrying of a gun was lawful.

Penalties Under Maryland Code § 4-203

The penalties that may apply to unlawfully transporting a gun typically depend partly on whether the individual has a prior conviction under a gun law in Maryland. If the individual has not previously been convicted under the gun laws in Maryland, they may face up to three years in prison or a fine of an amount between $250 and $2,500, or both. If the individual has been convicted previously under the Maryland gun laws, they may face up to ten years in prison.

While violation of this code section constitutes a misdemeanor, the penalties may be significant. These penalties typically do not apply to individuals who are law enforcement officials or who have been issued a permit under the applicable Public Safety Article. Individuals who are facing the possibility of conviction for a gun offense under this section may benefit from the experience of a Washington County gun lawyer.

Contact a Washington County Gun Attorney

If you are faced with charges under Maryland gun laws, it is imperative that you gain an understanding of the laws applicable to your case and the options that may be available to you. Having a conviction on your record for violation of a gun law may affect many different areas of your life, such as employment and public funding.

As exemplified in the statutory scheme on transporting, carrying, or wearing a handgun, there may be steeper consequences for future convictions once an individual has already been convicted for violation of a gun law. Speak with a Washington County gun lawyer immediately so that you could have a seasoned and dedicated advocate by your side as you navigate the legal process.