Washington County Domestic Violence Lawyer

If you are accused of any type of conduct which falls into the category of domestic violence, you may be struggling to find answers to some very important questions. No one wants to be in such a position. Significant rights are at stake, and the factors which affect the outcome of your case may not be entirely clear to you.

A Washington County domestic violence lawyer can provide guidance and clarification regarding any criminal charge that you might be facing. A dedicated attorney could provide advice for any hearings relating to protective orders and the best overall strategy for putting this matter behind you and moving forward with your life.

Protective Orders

An allegation of abuse may lead to the filing of protective orders. Numerous acts may constitute abuse, including stalking, assault, false imprisonment, rape, or an act that causes serious bodily harm. Individuals who are eligible for relief, based on this type of conduct, may file a petition. The individuals who may be eligible for relief include:

  • Current or former spouse
  • Cohabitant
  • Parent, step parent, child, or stepchild
  • A vulnerable adult

Individuals who stand in any one of these relationships to the person alleged to have abused them may file the petition for an interim protective order. If issued, an interim protective order may prohibit the accused from entering the residence of the accuser, contacting the accuser, or abusing the accuser. If the accused and the accuser are living together at the time of the order, then the accused may have to vacate the home.

A date and time for the temporary protective order hearing should be noted on the interim protective order. If the temporary protective order is issued, the accused may be prohibited from entering the residence of the accuser, contacting the accuser, or abusing the accuser. The accused may also have to surrender firearms, in some cases.

A final protective order may be issued; if the judge finds that mutual abuse occurred, then a mutual final protective order may be issued. A final protective order may include provisions regarding temporary custody and temporary visitation, if minor children are involved.

A hearing is an opportunity to be heard. A Washington County domestic violence attorney may be able to assist individuals in preparing for any of the various types of hearings.

Penalties for Failing to Comply with Relief Granted in a Protective Order

An individual who fails to comply with relief granted under an interim, temporary, or final protective order may face severe penalties under MarylandFamily Law Code § 4-509. A violation constitutes a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

An officer may also arrest (with or without a warrant) an individual who they have probable cause to believe is violating an interim, temporary, or final protective order.

In order to avoid violating such an order, an individual needs to have a superior understanding of the actions which constitute a violation. A domestic violence lawyer in Washington County can assist in explaining these matters.

Work with a Washington County Domestic Violence Attorney Today

With the right representation, an individual may not have to face many of the penalties which the law provides in cases of abuse allegations and violations of protective orders.

A seasoned Washington County domestic violence lawyer can help individuals who are facing the possibility of these penalties. It is never too soon to make that call.