Building a Prince George’s County Theft Defense

If you have been charged with theft in Prince George’s County, it may be wise to seek to the counsel of an experienced theft attorney. An attorney may be able to help you with building a Prince George’s County theft defense to present your case in the best light. Deciding on a defense strategy can be confusing, so contact a lawyer today to get the help you might need.

Deciding on a Theft Defense Strategy

The defense strategies that lawyers use when handling theft cases in PG County are dictated by the different types of thefts. The circumstances of each case are unique. For instance, shoplifting is treated differently than theft from an employer.

One situation involves a stranger out in the world while the other situation has a person in a position of trust. The violation of that trust is viewed more harshly and addressed more severely than basic retail theft.

Each defense strategy is designed based upon the nature of what happened, the strength of the state’s case, what they can and cannot prove, and whether it is a legitimate charge. All these factors contribute to determining how to proceed in a case.

For a person to be convicted of a theft charge, the prosecutor must prove that a person took the property of another and did so with the intent to deprive the owner of that property.

Initial Steps of a Theft Defense

The initial steps a theft attorney takes when preparing for a defense are to obtain all the evidence the state has, including documents, photographs, video, witness statements, and police records. An attorney must fully understand all the evidence that can be used. Gathering evidence is an essential step in building a Prince George’s County theft defense. Therefore, it is critical for defendants to reach out to a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible so that the attorney can get started on gathering the facts of the case promptly.

Expert Witnesses Impact on a Defense

On occasion, an expert witness may be necessary to help prepare a strong defense in a theft case. An expert may be needed to establish who somebody is in video or surveillance footage. Also, an expert may be needed to confirm medical records. Using an expert witness is uncommon, but they can be useful in establishing what other evidence illustrates. If it is not clear by the person viewing it, an expert can further illustrate what the evidence is trying to show.

A Criminal Lawyer’s Role in a Theft Defense

A criminal lawyer working with a defendant charged with theft is a spokesperson and guide for the person. An individual could represent themselves, but it is an unadvised endeavor because, without the legal training in criminal defense, they may not know what motions to file, what arguments to make, what requirements must be followed by both parties, what protocol must be maintained, and what the deficiencies in the state’s case that can be exploited.

A prosecutor is not permitted to speak to a defendant so there is no impropriety or misconduct by the state. An attorney can speak to the prosecutor to discuss evidence, possible resolutions, and anything that might be required and substantive forward with the defense. Negotiations can be difficult if the prosecutor cannot talk to the individual to negotiate.

Call a Theft Lawyer Today

A theft lawyer could support you when facing charges by acting as a guide, answering questions, representing you in court, filing all the necessary motions, making arguments, and raising appropriate and necessary defenses. A skilled theft lawyer may be able to protect your rights by building a Prince George’s County theft defense. Call today to schedule a consultation about your specific case.