Prince George’s County Theft Penalties

Theft is a very broad category of crime with many different forms and potential penalties. Prince George’s County theft penalties depend on the specific charge and the severity of the alleged crime, but all potential penalties are very serious ranging from small jail sentences to extended periods in prison. A theft lawyer may be able to help plot the best course through the court process for a theft charge.

Why Hiring an Attorney is a Priority When Charged With Theft

A person charged with theft in Prince George’s County should hire an attorney immediately because theft carries the possibility of jail time. It can even rise to the level of a felony with years of potential incarceration if the person is found guilty.

Theft is a crime that is prosecuted vigorously by the state attorney’s office. Unlike many other charges, theft always has an alleged victim. Some entity suffered a loss which is a driving force for the prosecution to make the punishments more severe.

Possible Consequences

The possible consequences of a theft charge include being convicted, having a criminal record, having a felony record, and being subject to significant financial penalties and incarceration.

Misdemeanor Theft

There are two categories for misdemeanor theft charges in PG County. One is theft under $100. The other is theft under $1,500. Theft under $100 is a petty misdemeanor. Theft under $1,000 is more significant in the number of months of incarceration that one may receive.

Felony Theft

Felony theft in Prince George’s County is when the property at issue is $1,500 or more. The consequences of felony theft charges are being a convicted felon, having a criminal record for life, and getting years of incarceration instead of months.

Harshest Penalties

The penalties that a person might experience if convicted of theft are dictated by the value. There are different categories for theft ranging from under $100 to over $25,000. Each time the category is raised, the severity and the maximum penalty is raised from a couple of months incarceration for a low-level petty offense, to ten or 20 years’ incarceration for the serious felony theft charges. A seasoned Prince George County theft lawyer may be able to clarify potential penalties in specific cases.

Prior Convictions and Theft Charges

Prior criminal convictions could affect a person charged with theft in a couple of different ways. If the matter went to trial, a prior record could hurt an individual’s credibility because their integrity can be challenged. When the prosecutor is assessing what to do in a case or what recommendation to make to a judge, they base it off the individuals criminal record. If someone has a clean record, they may be more willing to give a more generous proposal. If someone has a long criminal history, they may seek much more serious sanctions including incarceration.

Why You Should Hire an Experienced Theft Attorney Today

Theft law is a considerable part of our practice. We help individuals charged with shoplifting, employee theft, passing checks, and theft of other varieties. A theft lawyer may be able to represent you in your case, fighting for the best possible outcome and explain the Prince George’s County theft penalties to you. With experience, your lawyer may be able to guide you through the best path possible in your court process. Call an attorney today to schedule a consultation about your specific situation.