Maryland Auto Theft Lawyer

Auto theft, as with any other kind of theft, is considered to be a crime. In Maryland, there are two separate statutes that outline the definitions of and the penalties for motor vehicle theft.

It is important to note that an individual can be found to be in violation of both statutes. If you are facing auto theft charges, contact an experienced attorney. A Maryland auto theft lawyer may be able to help you build a strong defense.

Defining Theft

Theft, as defined by Maryland Code Section 7-104, includes any type of theft, which is defined as any sort of unauthorized assertion of control over an object not owned by the alleged actor.

Those convicted of an object of which the value is at least $1,500, but less than $25,000, is guilty of a felony and is subject to imprisonment not exceeding five years. Due to the seriousness of these potential penalties, individuals facing charges should contact a Maryland auto theft lawyer right away.

Defining Carjacking

Carjacking, otherwise known as motor vehicle theft, can be defined to be in violation of Maryland Code Section 7-105. According to the law, carjacking is the unauthorized possession or control of a motor vehicle from an individual who is in actual possession of the motor vehicle.

A charge of carjacking requires an element of alleged force, violence, intimidation, or threat-making. Armed carjacking includes a third element whereby the alleged actor either used or presented some sort of a dangerous weapon during the alleged attempt to take possession of the car.

Maryland Auto Theft Penalties

According to Maryland Code Section 7-105(c), a person who is convicted of motor vehicle theft, whether it is carjacking or armed carjacking, is found to be guilty of a felony and therefore subject to imprisonment for a term not longer than thirty years.

If an individual is convicted of a crime in addition to carjacking, arising out of the same set of facts as the alleged carjacking, a judge can order that the defendant serves additional time for this additional crime.

However, a judge also has in his or her power to order that the defendant serves the time concurrently, or in other words, at the same time as the sentence for a carjacking conviction. A Maryland auto theft lawyer will work to present a strong defense to avoid or minimize penalties.

Issues of Intent

There are several defenses to auto theft, one of the most common being lack of intent. The State always needs to prove some element of intent or knowledge.

A lack of intent means that the prosecution failed to prove that the defendant knew what they were doing. Lack of intent to permanently deprive an owner of the motor vehicle in question is not a defense to carjacking in the state of Maryland, but that does not mean that lack of intent is not a defense at all.

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