Maryland Embezzlement Sentencing Lawyer

Facing sentencing for embezzlement charges in Maryland could be an overwhelming prospect for any individual. The potential penalties for an embezzlement offense are harsh and may impact a person’s personal and professional life in a number of ways. A Maryland embezzlement sentencing lawyer could help a person understand what to expect from their criminal case and provide legal support on their behalf. Reach out to a hard-working attorney today.

How Embezzlement Cases are Sentenced in Maryland

The sentencing in an embezzlement case depends on the amount in controversy. If dealing with a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars and the person has no record and the money has been paid back, jail could possibly be avoided. However, most of the time, embezzlement cases involve harsh prison sentences.

If dealing large amounts of money, the defendant faces very real consequences and potentially significant risks to a lengthy period of incarceration even if they pay the money back that is in question. For more information, defendants should consult with an embezzlement sentencing lawyer in Maryland.

Sentencing Guidelines in Maryland

Given that there is no mandatory minimum for embezzlement sentencing hearings, there are guidelines courts generally follow, but are not required to. These guidelines exist for marijuana, guns, theft, murder, and all other charges. While these sentencing guidelines typically exist on the federal level, there is also a guideline in the state level. Authorities look at the amount and at the history of the individual to see what the recommend sentences should be when dealing with the guidelines on the federal level. These factors could dictate what type of prison sentence a person may be facing. On the state level, and typically on the federal level, a judge will sentence a person within the guideline range of whatever that may be.

On the state level, judges frequently go outside the guideline recommendations, which are much broader. A well-practiced Maryland embezzlement sentencing attorney in could explain how these guidelines may impact a person’s embezzlement case.

Comparing Maryland Sentencing With Federal-Level Sentencing for Embezzlement

In the state courts, judges have far more leeway and flexibility in what to do. Some individuals get no jail time at all for embezzling hundreds and thousands of dollars and other individuals get long jail times for stealing a couple of thousand. The sentencing depends on the situation and circumstances of the case. A Maryland attorney could explain the difference between how embezzlement sentencing is handled at the state or federal level.

Reach Out to a Maryland Embezzlement Sentencing Attorney

Having an experienced Maryland embezzlement sentencing lawyer that has handled these types of cases is imperative for every step of the process. This could include both before, during, and after the charge and to the actual trial, plea, or negotiations through to sentencing. At sentencing, the lawyer presents the mitigation to try to explain what may have happened and what might have compelled the individual to do what they allegedly did. This is done to try to put the judge in a position where they are not inclined to follow the recommendations of the state or impose any incarceration. Speak with a skilled attorney today to learn your rights.