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Carroll County Courthouses

The Carroll County Courthouse, located at 55 North Court St. in Westminster, is a historic location serving the residents of Carroll County as well as several surrounding areas. It is in the 5th Judicial Circuit, which also includes Howard and Ann Arundel counties. This courthouse is a trial court of a general jurisdiction and handles family and juvenile law issues as well as criminal matters (including DUI and traffic cases) and major civil cases.

The circuit court in Carroll County also holds appellate jurisdiction in regards to the district court, as well as specific administrative agencies.

The courthouse, which is a historical landmark, takes up a small, city block. The entrance to the court house is located at the end of Court Street, which is only one block from Main Street. It houses three different courtrooms. The actual Courthouse Annex, which is across the street from this location, is where the rest of the circuit courtrooms, land records and the clerk’s office are located.

It is important for visitors to know that the entrance to the Courthouse Annex, which is accessed from Court Street, closes every day 4:30 pm. You can, however, still enter the building from the back door via the parking lot.

The Carroll County Courthouse’s Rich History

Construction of the original courthouse in Carroll County began in 1838. The structure was originally built for a total cost $18,000 and had a center portion that consisted of two floors, a gabled roof, and seven bays. After the initial completion of the structure, a cupola, the Greek revival portico, and the steps were added.

Apparently there was plenty of space located inside of the newly constructed building as records show the entire second floor of the courthouse was rented to a local photographer. In 1882, there were one-story wings attached to the structure. In 1935, the wings were completely rebuilt and made a half-story larger.

Carroll County Courthouse underwent a 10-year restoration period in the 1980s-1990s, and was rededicated in 1987.

Directions to Visit the Carroll County Courthouse

  • Coming from the Baltimore Beltway

From I-795 North you will take exit 19, then go west on Route 140. When you make it to Westminster you will drive past McDonalds and Target, then turn left when you reach the light located at the Ralph Street intersection. Continue straight for one block to the stop sign, go straight into the free parking area behind the Annex building.

  • From the Taylorsville Area – Route 27

When you arrive in Westminster you will take a right onto Main Street and then continue down until you reach the intersection at Center Street, where you will turn left. When you reach Willis Street turn right, continue straight for one block until the road comes to an end. You will then see the Historical Courthouse location and the Courthouse Annex straight ahead.

  • From the Eldersburg Area –Route 97

Upon entering into Westminster, take a left on Main Street and then continue to Center Street where you will turn right. At the first stop sigh, turn right onto Willis Street and continue straight for a block.