Caroline County MVA Hearing Attorney

There are many individuals in Caroline County who opt against legal representation for Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) hearings, and you may be inclined to do so yourself. However, if your plea is rejected by the administrative law judge (ALJ) who hears your case, and you lose your driving privileges, you will quickly learn the very painful and expensive lesson that cutting costs in the beginning of a legal matter is far more expensive than retaining legal representation. Contact a Caroline County MVA hearing lawyer today to discuss your case.

There is no summons issued for MVA hearings. They are only held at a person’s request and must be requested within a narrow time-frame. As a Caroline County DUI lawyer can explain, if a person is arrested and charged with a DUI, for example, and a notice of suspension is issued by the arresting officer for your driver’s license, then you have 10 days to request an MVA hearing if you want to avoid automatic suspension of your license. If you attempt to schedule your hearing after 30 days, your request for the hearing will be automatically denied. If you make the request within 11 to 30 days, the suspension of your license begins 46 days after your actual arrest.

MVA Cases Handled in Caroline County, MD

A driver’s license suspension can occur for a number of reasons, which include:

  • DUI arrest;
  • Failure to appear in court for minor traffic violations;
  • Failure to pay traffic tickets issued in Maryland;
  • Failure to pay out-of-state traffic tickets;
  • The accumulation of numerous points against your driver’s license;
  • Failure to pay court-ordered child support;
  • Failure to pay civil judgments.

When you hire an attorney, your Caroline County MVA hearing lawyer can create a defense strategy tailored to your needs. The attorney will take action to determine whether or not the arresting officer followed the proper procedure in regards to reading you your rights, as well as taking a Breathalyzer test or field sobriety tests. They will also ensure that any requests you made to contact an attorney was not ignored. If there happens to be any type of improper procedure or coercion, your attorney will aggressively pursue the elimination of any charges that stem from the evidence gained through these illegal and underhanded tactics.

The opportunity for members of law enforcement to overstep their authority are boundless. An experienced Caroline County MVA hearing attorney will know how to unearth these violations and will work diligently to ensure that your rights are protected.

Restoration of Driving Privileges in Caroline County

If you are not eligible for a full restoration of your driving privileges, then you may be able to receive a partial restoration, with a number of specific restrictions. In the majority of cases, these restrictions may limit you to driving only for work, school and medical appointments.

No matter your particular situation, you will always be better prepared when you retain an experienced and knowledgeable MVA attorney who has handled cases in Caroline County and who is familiar with the local court system, including the District Court in Caroline County.

Why You Need a Caroline County MVA Hearing Attorney

When you pay a traffic ticket, you are admitting your guilt. That admission of guilt, however, costs far more than the initial fee. Paying a ticket also results in points levied against your driving record and, invariably, triggers increases in your auto insurance premiums. If you acquire too many points on your license, you may see you license suspended. When you hire a Caroline County, MD MVA hearing lawyer to represent you in your traffic case you can rest assured that you have someone fighting on your behalf to help maintain your driving rights. MVA hearings, traffic tickets, and other serious issues can all lead to license suspension, which may result in you losing your ability to make a living, attend school, and support your family.

An attorney will work to ensure that you can, at minimum, keep your driving privileges for work and school. They will know how to best demonstrate for the court the negative impact of losing your driving privileges. And by virtue of the fact that you have taken the trouble to retain an attorney, the court will understand that you are taking the matter seriously and that you understand the gravity of the charges you face.

Our Caroline County MVA hearing lawyers have extensive experience in fighting DUI and similar charges and are well-versed in MVA law. They can listen to the facts of your case and can quickly and patiently explain the process to you and break down the best options for defense. Call our Maryland law offices today to schedule a no-cost consultation and find out more about the help he can provide.