Calvert County Courthouse

The Calvert County courthouse is located near the downtown area of Prince Frederick at 175 Main Street. Except on Court holidays and snow days, the Calvert County Courthouse is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. There is usually an adequate amount of free parking available outside of the courthouse, so getting a spot is not something that a person needs to worry about when appearing at the Calvert County Courthouse.

Before arriving to court, it is important to hire and consult with an experienced Calvert County DUI lawyer to discuss your case and what you should do while in court.

Appropriate Attire

Whether a person has to go to the court for a preliminary hearing or a trial, the person should dress in attire similar to that which an attorney might wear. Men should wear a suit and tie while women should wear a pantsuit or a nice dress. Regardless of what a person decides to wear, they should look professional. Flashy or gaudy attire is not recommended. When the person is standing in front of the judge, the judge should not be able to tell by looking at them that they are not an attorney.

Having a presentable appearance in court will leave a good impression on the people who are deciding your judgment and may have a positive effect on your case.

Court Arrival

A person should thrive to arrive to court about 30 minutes before the appearance is scheduled to begin. It does not make a lot of sense to arrive any sooner than that because the courthouse is usually will not open more than 30 minutes before the court has cases scheduled to be heard. Thus, if the docket is scheduled to start at 9, they usually open the courthouse at 8:30.

Someone facing criminal charges should try to show court officials that they are taking the charges seriously and that whatever behavior led to their current situation is not a result of their regular behavior.

Mobile Devices

A person can bring their phone into a court as long as it is on silent. A person can even bring their phone into the courtroom. However, if the phone goes off in court, then the bailiffs will confiscate it and they will not give it back until the end of the day. If you are planning on bringing a mobile device, turn it off before you enter the courthouse to ensure that it does not accidentally go off. Any disturbance may reflect poorly on your character.

Contact a Calvert County Criminal Lawyer Today

When a person is facing a criminal matter at the Calvert County Courthouse, a criminal lawyer can be a valuable asset. Whether a person has to make an appearance or submit necessary paperwork, a criminal lawyer who knows the court will be able to ensure that it is handled properly.

A local attorney is familiar with the court system and understands the nuances of this tight-knit legal community. Whether you are scheduled to appear at the Calvert County courthouse tomorrow or next month, you should contact our office so we can schedule you for a time to speak with one of our criminal lawyers. You deserve for your side of the story to be heard.