Maryland Arrest Warrants

If a warrant is out for a person’s arrest, when Maryland police encounter the person or if the police come to their home looking for, they can immediately arrest that person and take them to a detention center for booking. They will then either have to wait or immediately see a commissioner or a judge who will set bond and decide whether they can be released until their next court appearance. A Maryland criminal lawyer can help explain why they have been arrested and how they can find out if there is a warrant out for their arrest.

Issuing an Arrest Warrant in Maryland

An arrest warrant can be issued under numerous circumstances. If a Maryland prosecutor presents sufficient evidence to cause the court to believe an arrest is appropriate, the judge may issue a warrant for a person’s arrest. An arrest warrant or a bench warrant can be issued for failure to appear in a criminal case or for failure to appear to report to sentencing or incarceration.

Outstanding Warrants

If a person is unsure as to whether an outstanding warrant for their arrest exists, then they should contact a criminal defense attorney in Maryland as soon as possible. An experienced criminal lawyer should be able to find out whether a warrant exists quite easily. In some cases a person can easily find out whether a warrant for their arrest has been issued by looking on Case Search, which is a publicly searchable website that will list a person’s case and warrant status. A person may also have their attorney contact the local sheriff’s office and try to determine whether a warrant exists or whether the person is currently under investigation.

Requesting Information from the Courthouse

When a person goes to a Maryland courthouse to see if a warrant for their arrest exists what will happen depends on whether there is a warrant for their arrest. If an arrest warrant has not been issued, then the person is free to leave and they will not be arrested. However, if an arrest warrant exists, then the person may be detained and taken into custody. Thus, when a person thinks that there may be a warrant for their arrest, they should have their criminal defense lawyer go to the courthouse to find out for sure. This may prevent the person from being arrested on the spot.

Help from a Maryland Criminal Attorney

A Maryland criminal defense attorney can be extremely helpful for a person who has an arrest warrant. The attorney can file a motion to quash the warrant. This motion basically says that the individual subject to the warrant has retained counsel and will appear at their next court date. The motion may also provide details on why the person may have missed their court date or why the warrant was issued. Sometimes a motion to quash will be enough and a person will not even have to turn themselves in. Once the judge signs the motion, the warrant will be removed and the case will be set for trial.